This site is intended as a forum for sharing some of the rich material that is emerging from groups of women gathering together in circles around the World.
Here in Europe, initially we were uncertain as to how to proceed, yet through the simple act of sitting and taking time out just to ‘be’,  life  began to unfold and lead us into a deep appreciation of its sacred nature and mystery

Gradually we are discovering the old-new ways of ‘deep-listening’ and of relating to the life going on all around us

In reconnecting to an ancient body of wisdom, that is accessible through  our senses, we are slowly reawakening the innate trans-rational consciousness that we were  gifted with at birth but screened out along the way

As we continue to listen, our hearts begin to inform our minds in new and unexpected ways, clearing a path that creates a space for different attitudes and responses to emerge, particularly in respect of the challenges that we all face at this time of global crisis.
Rooted in the heart we have come to know that we are not alone and separate but part of

One World – One Song




A compilation of writings and images from the  first four years of  Women’s Gatherings can be found at this link in an online book format:
Seeds of light – from earth song’

Source of film:YouTube

At these gatherings we have learnt to expect the unexpected.  The groups are serious and hilarious, sorrowful and joyful, provocative and yet (for the individual), absolutely safe.  It feels as if things are shifting, heaving, ebbing and flowing, expanding and contracting, sometimes all at once.

We have been visited by Archetypes, Angels and Spirits. Each Being has been welcomed, and some have come with messages for the group.

Everything is included; everyone is held.  Each participant is given exactly what she needs.  Disturbance is no longer disturbance as such, but Life simply happening and being embraced.
The drawings and poetry contained in these pages describe what is being evoked in these gatherings. They also demonstrate the extraordinary creativity and imagination in some cases waiting to be lived.

Every work is spontaneous, and was created within a gathering in under half an hour.
Since the gatherings began there has been much change. All of us have grown.The gatherings have deepened.

And this is just the beginning. There is vast potential in the space.
This is a futher record of our journey thus far.

We know where we began, but we do not know where we will be going.