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How Can We Reciprocate The Gifts Of The Earth ? Robin Wall Kimmerer

‘For much of human’s time on the planet, before the great delusion, we lived in cultures that
understood the covenant of reciprocity, that for the Earth to stay in balance,
for the gifts to continue to flow, we must give back in equal measure for what we take.

In the teachings of my Potawatomi ancestors, responsibilities and gifts are understood
as two sides of the same coin. The possession of a gift is coupled with a duty to use it for
the benefit of all. A thrush is given the gift of song—and so has a responsibility to greet
the day with music. Salmon have the gift of travel, so they accept the duty of carrying food upriver.
So when we ask ourselves, what is our responsibility to the Earth, we are also asking, “What is our gift?”

As human people, most recently evolved here, we lack the gifts of our companion species,
of nitrogen fixation, pollination, and 3000-mile migrations under magnetic guidance.
We can’t even photosynthesize. But we carry gifts of our own, which the Earth urgently needs.
Among the most potent of these is gratitude.

Gratitude may seem like weak tea given the desperate challenges that lie before us,
but it is powerful medicine, much more than a simple thank you.
Giving thanks implies recognition not only of the gift, but of the giver.
When I eat an apple, my gratitude is directed to that wide-armed tree whose tart
offspring are now in my mouth, whose life has become my own. Gratitude is founded on
the deep knowing that our very existence relies on the gifts of beings who can in fact
photosynthesize. Gratitude propels the recognition of the personhood of all beings and
challenges the fallacy of human exceptionalism—the idea that we are somehow better,
more deserving of the wealth and services of the Earth than other species.’

Robin Wall Kimmerer

For more about her work see:  Link

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Sacred Ecology: 22 Day Walk Of The New South African Cape Camino

22nd April – 13th May 2016


We are all joint custodians of a new magic birthing on Earth.

Are you meant to be on this trip?

ffi go to

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I seek the door of enchantment
To slip through the slit in a daisy stem
And come out into sunlight,
To pass through the green door
And be lit up again
By the enchanting breath of ferns
The neat-toed leap of a deer
And to know again that this light –
The light that makes the moss
on the beech roots ignite
Into soft-shaped emeralds – is reality
Not the scorned territory of childhood
And that I am right to seek it
Though I never know where or how the transparency
Between the two worlds opens.
I can only search the waysides
Until one foot slides into a rabbit hole
And I find myself face to face
with the coral eye  of the pimpernel.
Such meetings are small epiphanies that pop up
And open as flowers do each day,
Million upon million breaking
Their sealed lips for the first time
To let us in.

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John O Donohue: Anam Cara – Soul Friend & Imagination As The Path Of The Spirit

These two talks are very inspiring and give such a profound sense of our sacred connection to life, and just how short a space of time it is that we are here on Earth.
These talks also draw on the wisdom of the medieval Mystic Meister Eckhart and are all the more poignant as John died only months later, aged 52.

by John O’Donohue, from Conamara Blues

No man reaches where the moon touches a woman.
Even the moon leaves her when she opens
Deeper into the ripple in her womb
That encircles dark, to become flesh and bone.

Someone is coming ashore inside her,
A face deciphers itself from water,
And she curves around the gathering wave,
Opening to offer the life it craves.

In a corner stall of pilgrim strangers,
She falls and heaves, holding a tide of tears.
A red wire of pain feeds through every vein,
Until night unweaves and the child reaches dawn.

Outside each other now, she sees him first,
Flesh of her flesh, her dreamt son safe on earth.

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Failure In Imagination


‘Every time someone tells you,

Or when you tell yourself

That you can’t do something

Then that is just a failure

in imagination’.

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Women On Fire Conference: Tree Sisters Founder Clare Dakin

Tree Sisters- Women Seeding Change


Imagine a global network of women working together to accelerate the greening of our planet through feminine values, energy and leadership. Women planting trees –

TreeSisters is an audacious campaign fuelled by the love and creativity of every-day women. Building a global network to help reforest the tropics within 10 years for more info visit the  Tree Sisters  website

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Opening The Door Of A New Era

Extract from Letter posted by the Centre of Sacred Studies for full posting click on link below

Dear Friends and Relatives,
Darlene and I (Jyoti) wanted to take a moment with each and every one of you to recognize the beautiful awareness that’s walking with us right now. In our work around the world, and our involvement in so many projects and amazing people that are leading initiatives for the earth, we have experienced a deeply courageous, humble and devoted group of people dedicated to the next 7 generations and the caretaking of Mother Earth.
2012 brought with it amazing moments of awareness and inspiration, paralleled by challenging and sometimes threatening experiences. This global group of people that have unified through their hearts to meet their own private challenges, embracing their shadows, and opening their hearts, have prepared us for a historical moment in history that we are all here to witness.
There were many celebrations collectively held around the planet to acknowledge this shift in time. Millions of people are embracing it through an idea of fear and devastation. At the same time, there are millions of people that are celebrating the completion of a time in history that taught us many things, even as we walked through it most of the time unconsciously. What we are here to witness is the awakening of our awareness in each and every individual. We are coming out of a deep sleep. We are opening the door to a new era of possibility. In order to walk through that door, we have been told repeatedly by our elders to forgive ourselves and the story that wounded so many of us.  In that moment of allowing and receiving the consciousness of that moment, our compassion is awakened and our enlightenment flowers.
What we would like to share with you today and witness with you today is a moment that we both experienced with a small group of people in the very sacred land of Estancia, New Mexico.
It happened in 2 phases. The first part of what was about to be revealed through creation to those open enough to be guided by nature, would occur in a meeting on 11/26 that Grandmother Flordemayo hosted and help to bring forward with some beautiful elders from the Mayan people and other representatives of First Nation peoples.  We weren’t there for that first step, but some of our friends were.  The Shift Network and some of their founders, Stephen and Devaa, were among those that were helping to witness and record it for the world.  Devaa wrote an account of this moment.  Let us see this first step from Devaa’s eyes: a vision of what the doorway to the next 5200 years looks like.

Devaa’s Story:

We are in a little rural town called Estancia in New Mexico. It’s dark, and it’s cold. So we huddle together in a small straw bale hut, waiting.
Eventually, we hear a car on the gravel outside, and then the cheerful voice of Don Alejandro, a well-respected Elder of the Mayan people. He’s an older man, and quite small. Wearing a wry smile, he enters the hut and walks into the embracing arms of our host, Grandmother Flordemayo of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
Don Alejandro begins to share with us about this crucial period in history. It’s the end of a 5,200 year calendar cycle for the Mayan people. And while the outside world is filled with fear and concern about the end of this era, Don Alejandro shares a different perspective.
“So, what should we expect with the end of this era and the beginning of a new one?” I ask him. He explains that there is no reason to be afraid, though he does admit there will probably be some major issues we must face in the next fifty years. But from his perspective, the biggest change has to do with the shift from masculine to feminine leadership. He explained that men have ruled for the last 5,200 years, and now it’s time for the men to support the women in our full power.
Though we don’t all know it yet, we are gathered for a very important ceremony.  And very soon, all the men at this gathering would be meeting separately to plan the ceremony to symbolically transfer the staff of power from the men to the women.
This event, totally orchestrated by men of many different backgrounds, was totally unexpected for me, and so beautiful.
At the time of the ceremony, we were greeted by Marshall Jack, a Native American elder who played his drum to call us all into the ritual space. We could hear the sweet sounds of a native flute hanging in the air. And we were each escorted around an outdoor sacred circle by Sequoia Trueblood, another Native elder.  He placed each of us onto a grid of energy marked on the Earth, and gave us each a simple bouquet of flowers to celebrate this transition.
As the drum sounded in a heart-beat rhythm, Mr. Jack spoke with a deep, resonant cadence that was a balm for my soul.  He apologized deeply, from his heart, for the ways women have been disregarded and disempowered. He asked for forgiveness for atrocities like the Inquisition. He said “No MORE!  Those days are over, and shall NOT come to pass again!”  He asked for the support of all of our ancestors to cleanse the wounds we had each suffered as women.
I felt a tear well up in my eye and roll down my face. To hear these words from such a kind and generous older man struck a very deep chord.  Blessings were shared by the women and men alike.
And then the men declared that it is women’s turn to lead this planet. And they gently passed Flordemayo, as a representative for the women, a hand carved wooden staff of Leadership, carefully crafted for this occasion.  The staff was simple and about the length of my forearm. It was a bit smaller than I would have imagined for such an occasion, but it was beautiful.  And it was swaddled with many colorful pieces of yarn that held flowers on the staff, which accompanied the ceremony and absorbed its blessing power.
At the end of the ceremony, each woman present was asked if she was willing to take-on a “clan” for the coming era.  Those of us who answered “yes” were each declared a “Clan Mother” and given a thread and flower from this Grand Mother staff.  I decided to take up the charge, along with other women.  We were then each invited to create our own daughter staffs and to cultivate our “tribes” of women and men. We were encouraged to circle with others and to empower other Clan Mothers through time. And it was suggested that we each register our new clans at an official office for tribal recognition.
As I carry this deep blessing from the men in my heart, I am reminded of a phrase spoken by Marianne Williamson when I interviewed her for our Inspiring Women Summit.  She said (paraphrasing) “Women have the power.  Now we must be willing to USE OUR POWER.” Indeed.
I would add that we must use our power WISELY.  It’s not about trying to turn the tables, toss out the men, and have female dominance everywhere.
No. In my opinion, such a stance will not heal our hearts and create a thriving planet.  That would instead just be a recapitulation of an old paradigm.
This new era, marked by the end of 2012, is about creating true balance of the masculine and the feminine. And let us not forget that men too can cultivate a strong feminine energy, while most women in leadership roles today have plenty of masculine energy.  So let this next era of 2013 be a time when we really explore how to harmonize these energies for the greatest good.
I welcome and look forward to this experiment.  And I know many men, like my husband, Stephen Dinan, do as well.”

— Devaa Haley Mitchell

Jyoti, Spiritual Director
Center for Sacred Studies
Ambassador, International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Darlene Hunter, Executive Director Center for Sacred Studies
Full Posting here:
Center for Sacred Studies

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Women Working With Oneness: Turning Our Attention to Embrace All of Life

Women Working with Oneness: A Forum for Women in Service to Life,was held in San Rafael, California, in Fall 2004. It drew together women from different spiritual, professional, cultural, and ethnic communities. The second gathering in early Spring 2005, allowed for more intimacy because of its smaller venue. The third event brings together Blackfoot, Sufi, and Buddhist women. In all events, it was demonstrated that when women come together from different communities for the sake of the world, the pure current of love and oneness is given. This way of women working together is so new that we barely dare to believe that it is real, and that it can have an effect on the suffering that exists in the tumult of our time.

‘O women, there is a way that we can help life so much now. It is not as you expect. It is not about your doing, although we each need to do the work we are here to do. This is about being – a state of being that is your power, and many of us have forgotten that we even have it. Your forgetting can bring despair. Please, sit a moment. Breathe. Allow. Your soul is a power, an empty space within that connects you to all life. We need only find and recognize this vibrant, healing stream that flows through us from head to toe; it is our recognition that allows it to flow out into life.

When we come together without judgment, creating a sacred space for this place in each of us, love pours through our differences and creates new pathways between us. It is the Real coming into life. We are the vehicles for this awakening because it takes place in our own lives. This is a beauty that has nothing to do with our problems. It just is. And within it are the qualities of peace, healing, and nourishment for life’

Imagine columns of light that reach from the earth to heaven. That is who we are. We need only come together from our different communities, and in the space between our differences, oneness can nourish the earth and bring the energy of real change into life.

For the whole article by Anne Scott:


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International Council Of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

We represent a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come.

We are deeply concerned with the unprecedented destruction of our Mother Earth and the destruction of indigenous ways of life. We believe the teachings of our ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future.

We look to further our vision through the realization of projects that protect our diverse cultures: lands, medicines, language and ceremonial ways of prayer and through projects that educate and nurture our children.

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Kalliopeia Foundation

The Kalliopeia Foundation

Kalliopeia Foundation is dedicated to supporting deeply holistic organizations and projects in a wide variety of fields that awaken us to our interdependence with one another and with the Earth. We seek to join with others in the work of honoring our Earth, its peoples, creatures, and plants, and re-aligning our systems of living to be in accord with the principles of reverence, resilience, reciprocity, and respect for all life.

The  foundation  supports projects inspired to create and express an emerging consciousness of oneness across many different fields, including but not limited to: arts & culture, Earth literacy and new science, mentorship and education, new media, philanthropy, social and cultural healing, economics, the reintroduction of values associated with the feminine, and through wisdom teachings from different traditions that can bring this awareness into the fabric of everyday life.


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