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Greta Thunburg: Woman Who Came From The Heavens

Greta Thunburg Meets Chief Arvol Looking Horse At Standing Rock

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Catherine Ingram is a Buddhist dharma teacher and former journalist
who has a very strong grasp on the science of climate breakdown.
Not an easy read,  but she writes eloquently about
moving beyond blame and living love. Link

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A bit of meat, a lot of veg:

For full article BBC 

  1. Nuts – 50g a dayfrom
  2. Beans, chickpeas, lentils and other legumes – 75g a day
  3. Fish – 28g a day
  4. Eggs – 13g a day (so one and a bit a week)
  5. Meat – 14g a day of red meat and 29g a day of chicken
  6. Carbs – whole grains like bread and rice 232g a day and 50g a day of starchy vegetables
  7. Dairy – 250g – the equivalent of one glass of milk
  8. Vegetables -(300g) and fruit (200g)

The diet has room for 31g of sugar and about 50g worth of oils like olive oil.

A group of 37 scientists from around the world were brought together as part of the EAT-Lancet commission.They’re a mix of experts from farming to climate change to nutrition. They took two years to come up with their findings which have been published in the Lancet.

Is this for real, or just a fantasy?

This plan requires changes to diets in pretty much every corner of the world.

Europe and North America need to cut back massively on red meat, East Asia needs to cut back on fish, Africa on starchy vegetables.

“Humanity has never attempted to change the food system at this scale and this speed,” said Line Gordon, director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, at Stockholm University.

“Whether it’s a fantasy or not, a fantasy doesn’t have to be bad… it’s time to dream of a good world,” she says.

Taxes on red meat are one of the many options the researchers say may be necessary to persuade us to switch diets.


Why do we need a diet for 10 billion people?

The world population reached seven billion in 2011 and it’s now around 7.7 billion. That figure is expected to reach 10 billion around 2050 and will keep on climbing.

Will it save lives?

The researchers say the diet will prevent about 11 million people dying each year.

That number is largely down to cutting diseases related to unhealthy diets such as heart attacks, strokes and some cancers. These are now the biggest killers in developed countries.

How bad is farming for the planet?

The use of land for growing food and forestry accounts for around a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s about the same as from electricity and heating, and substantially more than from all the trains, planes and automobiles on the planet.

When you look more closely at the food sector’s environmental impact, you can see that meat and dairy are the major factors. Worldwide, livestock accounts for between 14.5 and 18% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

When it comes to other warming gases, agriculture is one of the leading contributors to both methane and nitrous oxide emissions.

Agriculture is also a significant source of air pollution with ammonia from farms a major cause of fine particulate matter, which the World Health Organization (WHO) says is a threat to health worldwide.

Similarly when it comes to water, agriculture and food productions are one of the biggest threats, consuming 70% of global freshwater sources for irrigation.

So will this diet save the planet?

The researchers’ aim was to feed more people while:

  • minimising greenhouse gas emissions
  • preventing any species going extinct
  • having no expansion of farmland, and
  • preserving water

However, just changing diets is nowhere near enough.

To make the numbers add up, also requires a halving of food waste and an increase in the amount of food produced on current farmland.

Why isn’t meat being banned?

“If we were just minimising greenhouse gases we’d say everyone be vegan,” said Prof Willet.

However, it was unclear whether a vegan diet was the healthiest option, he said.

So what happens now?

The EAT-Lancet Commission is going to take its findings to governments around the world and bodies such as the WHO to see if it can begin to change the way we eat.


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Great things have small beginnings and nothing changes if nothing changes

A Friend with strong links to the Kogi and drawing inspiration from them and their film Aluna has just created this website with many valuable links
An Ecological Warning that offers solutions –
See what is already being done that it may inspire you to join forces with like-minds and do something too.
To discover more go to website.

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World Going Down The Drain, Street Art Spain

Image credits: pejac

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Amanda Streeter

Visit gallery of the artist Amanda Streeter




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Art And Communion by Eulalia Santos

To find more of Eulalia’s wonderfully vibrant paintings that are full of  fire and passion visit her website:
Eulalia Santos

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Triple Headed Goddess


Moira Houston

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Planet Being Born From Star dust

Some amazing images of a planet being formed from star dust












From an article in The Independent
The world’s highest radio telescope, built on a Chilean plateau in the Andes 5,000 metres above sea level, has captured the first images of a new planet being formed as it gobbles up the cosmic dust and gas surrounding a distant star 450 light years from Earth

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Na’m, Yes! by Joumana Medlej


This work of caligraphy was inspired by a recent women’s gathering held in london: it is the word Yes!
To see more of the work by Lebanese artist Joumana Medlej visit her website  Majnouna

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