Women, Wisdom And Dreams; The Light Of The Feminine Soul by Anne Scott

‘I am walking by a forest grove,
and ask Nature if there is anything I need to know.
This is how I understand Nature’s response:
“ Women want to know how to best heal the earth.
They feel overwhelmed by all that is occurring now –
the outward signs of how I am changing.
They want to do something big, when it takes so little.
All that I need is for the women to notice…
To see me…
To take a moment to stop and be with me.
Just pay attention to me, notice I am here.
Just that, heals.
I t may not seem that looking with awareness at this plant,
that bird,the ground beneath your feet, creates healing,
And it may not look like something right here needs to be healed.
But just a woman’s looking, seeing me, just the touch of her hand,
just her feet walking upon me is an act of healing.
The energy is taken in, absorbed –
and sent through me to where it’s needed most.”


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