Prayer of The Heart, Llewellyn Vaughan – Lee

Feel the breath,
Feel the heartbeat the simple rhythm of life within you.
Remember that your breath, your heartbeat, is the breath, the heartbeat of the world.
The earth’s heart is beating.
The earth breathes through every tree, every leaf.
Then go deep within your heat,
to the sacred inner place that belongs to the relationship with God.
We each have our own way of being with God.
It is our offering, our supplication, our prayer.
Stay with that prayer.
Become that prayer until every cell in your body
Is the prayer of the creation for the Creator,
Is the need of the earth that will draw down to it the grace
Love and power of God that is needed.
Open your heart to how the creation speaks to you;
With your love, your devotion, your sorrow
You offer this song, this cry of creation to our Creator

and we stay with it…….

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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