Symbol For The New Civilization

The Journey:new civilization symbol

In an instant I passed over all the civilizations we had created.
Was taken back to where the ancient ancestors were.
I came to a small circle of elders who were seated,
some leaning elbow to the earth.
One of them was stretched into the centre of the circle
and was drawing equations on the ground.
This was part of intense discussions that were taking place.
All the elders were very actively and deeply engaged
in the discussions,which were very esoteric,
mathematical, alchemical.
I felt I was with great masters.
I stood for a while watching from outside of the circle.
Then they took me into the circle to be with them.
I saw they could see into the past and future.
The ancestor who had been drawing the equations now held a long white rod in his hand,
he swept it over the ground like a windscreen wiper. As the rod swept across the ground,
pictures of the past were seen. As he drew the rod back across the ground, pictures of the future were seen.
I was then standing outside the circle with one of the elders,
which I could only see the back of. He was slender, tall, dressed in a slim full length light tan robe with a hood that was worn over his head. The image was that of a monk. He took my left hand in his right hand. I became a young person of maybe 12 years old. I saw the image of myself as being ‘little brother’, the name the Kogi call us.
A very long straight narrow white road stretched out before us. I saw the back of us while we walked hand in hand in silence. Now present on the road, we walked past previous civilizations, which could be seen on both sides of the road. I saw they were made of cardboard. The image was of empty cardboard boxes of various sizes, some upside down, some on their side. The whole landscape was dusty brown, had the feeling of empty wastelands. It was clear that I was to pass by, to give what I saw no energy. We walked till we came to where our civilization is now. The elder and maybe 10 of us who live in this time sat together in a circle outdoors on flat grassy green ground. The elder stretched himself across the ground and began to draw the symbol of the new civilisation on the grass. First he drew a large circle, which became a white translucent disc. He then drew the centre, which was circular and open through which the energy from the depths of the earth was drawn up in cylindrical fashion, to flow through the open centre in two channels both flowing in opposite directions across the disc. Both channels of energy were the width of the central opening. They flowed across the surface to the discs edge into the grassed earth. It was as if the elder had drawn the symbol with light.

Gathering, July 7. 2012

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