The Space We Hold Together

It is all about the space, holding the space,
Us surrounded by the Elders
And around them the Great Ones.
Such a quality to the space as it opened up,
An exquisite fragrance like a rose but not a rose.
And such a strength, like steel
And a vertical shaft of light coming down
Right into the core of the Earth.


The experience in the circle when sit in silence is of  holding open a door together,
Then there is no door, just a space for something to come through.


The group breathes and weaves
A nest
A place to rest
To be
Holding a space
A space for Grace
An actual place,
In another space
Which is –  whilst we hold it here,
Connecting spaces.
One place because we remembered
We dwellers on earth
We dwellers in earth
We dwellers of earth
We dwellers from earth
We weave together the heart-seen and the eye-seen
And all our twigs make one nest
So much more than the twigs

And the remembering breath does the weaving.

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