Gathering At The Well

Experience:  As we hold the space, we are like women gathering at an ancient well.
A well that plunges down into the very core and depths of the world
And is at the same time a dark mirror that reveals and reflects the whole cosmos.
As we held the space the water showered over us as a blessing
That every cell of the body drank in through the skin like warm sunlight.
Water from the source of all life which we can offer to anyone
And everyone as they pass by.

Dream: Offering everything into ‘the space’ that we hold together.
A great letting go,
Initially I feel a bit sticky/sweaty as if I have been
Working physically hard on a very hot day.
The experience is a bit like walking slowly into a warm ocean.
I sense how everything;  conditioning, old patterns and attitudes just melt away
And vanish in this space.
Like sugar must feel dissolving in hot tea.
Alongside all this personal stuff  I sense how the weight of our collective history
And patterns and attitudes can also disappear,
To leave such a sense of freedom to Be.

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