Yes, it is so, there is no time left.
There is an urgency that is felt by the whole of creation,
But at a level so deep that we are normally not aware that it is there.
But I felt it today.
I felt my own body with flames all around it,
Standing, holding my arms and hands up in desperation and longing towards God.
And I felt the whole of creation doing the same.
It is too late for us as human beings to do anything any more,
Because the tipping point has passed;
The only thing that can save life on Earth is for God to come back into this,
His world.
I saw the trees standing, as I was standing,
With branches and leaves held up to God.
And light rose from them – but not high enough.
And the mountains and the rocks and the stones were standing,
With light around them, calling upon God to return to Earth.
And the rivers were calling, and the clouds reaching up with hands of mist.
And the grass was singing its song to Him.
And the animals stood still, and lifted their heads and their eyes to Him.
And light rose from them too, but not high enough.
And the birds were flying, and their song was as light, was their call to Him.
And the bees in their hives were humming a deep moan of longing to Him.
But none of this was yet enough.
The light of creation was rising towards God,
And creation was crying out to Him,
And I could see the light above,
But it was as if it was waiting for something else,
As if it wasn’t yet quite time.
Or the longing of creation was not yet primal enough,
Or urgent enough, or total enough for Him to respond.

This is the one thing needful,
That the two lights come together,
And it needs to be witnessed by human beings.

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