The Plant World: Aboriginal Cosmology

‘In Aboriginal cosmology, the plant world does not descend directly from the Ancestors in the same way humans and animals do.
Plants emerged later, from the potencies deposited during the formation of the earth.
All human and animal species that ever have existed, or ever will exist, on earth have a continuous existence in the Dreaming.
They manifest if their particular plant or other foods are put forth by the nourishing earth mother.
The same view of creation is found in the ancient Indian Vedas:  “A species will come into being only if its food exists.
If the earth provides not its food, the species will exist but remain unmanifest.”
In summary, humans and animals preexist in the Dreamtime as pure animistic energy and emerge simultaneously,
while plants exist first as potencies in the earth during its formation, deposited by these animating forces,
that physically manifest later after the completion of the Dreamtime.
This ancient concept of the relationship between the three kingdoms affords a completely different view of nature
and its recent crisis of species extinction, which is at present occurring at 400 times the natural rate.
The plants of the earth are like Aboriginal message sticks:they call forth from the Dreaming various animal and human species.
These species exist permanently in the Dreaming, but they manifest and disappear in specific combinations during particular
eras as the earth’s plants come forth to call them into existence.’

Voices Of The First Day  Robert Lawlor

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