Staying Here Now by Larry Merculieff

‘The wisdom keepers say that the only place to find the power of the Creator is to be present in this moment.
If we have fears, we are projecting them into the future. Into a future time that does not even exist.
If we have guilt, we are living in the past, for the past things we did. We are not living now.
All the spiritual keepers, of all groups in the world, be they Buddhists, be they Islamic, be it part Red Pack,
be it medicine pack– you name it– say [that] the only way to find the power that has been given to us from the Creator
is to be here, now. Not to escape.
How do we start this healing? When you are quiet within yourself and you sit next to the river– ask.
Do not be afraid to ask. Ask the Creator. Ask whoever you feel is your higher power,
“Please help me find the way because I do not know how to heal.” “Make me your history.”
And when you ask that, with humility in your heart,
you will get it. You will find it. And it will be given to you,
you will see this healing starting to spread like wild fire. It is just exciting.
Exciting to see. And the key to it is staying here, now.’
Larry Merculieff

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