Listening Breath Of Delphi

Riven, Rent, Rupture
Crack, Cleft, Crevice,
Subcutaneous Chasm.
Cavern of the Breath,
Breath of The Ancients
Breath of The Earth
Breath of The Mother

In drawn
In drawing in
Come into Communion and
As the child dreaming under the ribcage,
Belly deep.
As the listening yet unborn,
Hears whisperings,
Of all the hidden secrets of the heart.
As this seed distils
Settling onto soil
As this small perfect Universe of potentialities
Nestles into darkness.
-Listen –
Moist red warmth,
Smelling welcome
As soil and stone listen
To the stirrings,
All the possibilities that lie wakeful
Imbibe this new soul’s essence
As the breath flows in
Open my heart!
This soul to hear
Thy Will
Your command To Be!

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