Four Element Breath Exersise from Sufi Chivalry by Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Aligning with the Four Elements:

If you would befriend the four element greet them each morning after rising.
Stand before an open window or outside.

Turn your entire attention to the breath.
Breath in through the nose and out through the nose 5 times.
This is the breath of Earth.
The direction of its current is horizontal, like the ground spread out before you.
Its colour-yes as your inner eye opens you will find that even the breath has a colour- is ochre.
Feel the bones in your body: these are the stones in you .
Sense your flesh: this is your loam.
Hear the rumbling call addressed to your skeleton by the granite and sandstone in the ground,
and the answer your skull and bones intone. The qualities of earth will show themselves to you,
God willing, and you will touch the virtues of patience endurance and humility.

Next breath in through your nose and out through your mouth 5 times.
This is the breath of water.
Its direction is downward, as water flows.
Its colour is green, the colour of the sea of oasis and the genius of water himself Lord Khidre.
Feel the pulsing flood of blood and lymph surging through your arteries and veins.
See how the waves in your veins are a piece with the storming, gushing frothing deluge
that tumbles across continents and seeps into all things.
Witness the unbounded generosity of water.

Now breathe through your mouth and out through your nose 5 times.
This is the breath of fire.
The direction of its current is upward, the direction of the flame’s flicker.
The colour of the fire breath is red , the red of burning coals and tongues of fire.
Feel the heat of your body, how it warms your flesh and sends its radiance into the surrounding space.
The sunlight warms all that it touches.
The whole of the earth and all who walk upon her are bathed in the sun’s glow,
warmed to the marrow of your bones.
Fire is vision in the mind and ardour in the heart.

Finally breath in through the mouth and out through the mouth 5 times.
This is the air breath.
The current of air is zigzag, moving inscrutably this way and that.
Its colour is the blue of the sky, the azure of sublime immensity.
Feel the sky engulf your body, rendering it insubstantial- pure breath.
Give yourself over to the exaltation of freedom from every earthbound encumbrance.

When you have finished, return to your natural respiration, sensing the presence of earth, water,
fire and air balanced within you.

Saracen Chivalry

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