The Unlived Unregarded Life

Consider the doors that remain unopend……

Silting though all the impressions of your life,
What about all those moments that mind and memory filters out?
Something notices, something chooses.
What now lies hiden?  sent to live the shadows, in the liminal,
Along with all that’s lost:
Like the creative idea never realised, an impulse to action never followed through,
Or the dream that isn’t remembered on waking,  opportunities are missed.
There have been choices made, that changed the course of the whole river
But what about the other streams we rowed right on past headless?

Will you look at me, take a good look at me and tell me what it is,
That you think that I am?

The words unsaid, the spaces between words, the difference between the word
That lies trapped between pages to those given voice.
The pregnant silences that remain undigested.
All the eggs that are reabsorbed back to into the womb of our comfortable notions.
The road less travelled, but this is the road not travelled at all!
No animal walks here, even the wind’s deflected past, the new season fails and
The soil lies bitter.
Like an archway standing in a field that cries out ‘ enter’,
But what happens now the arch has crumbled leaving only a bleak vista without
Any imaginings?
A doorway into this walled garden used to stand open,
Now even the wall is gone and the garden too.
Can you even hear the suffing as this tide turns?
Listen even the sea is holding its breath!
And who notices as night and day hang suspended?
And who watches for the boats return, the trail of salmon,
The flight of birds returning?
As we walk tracks of loneliness,
Sheep wandering in the hills.

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