100 UK Women Of Spirit To Celebrate

After attending a day held to celebrate these 100 women a friend wrote:

I think you may find this link very inspiring .
I was delighted to be there on the day due to one of the ladies I’d nominated actually
being one of the 100 women awarded, although Tensin Palmo herself was not able to be present on the day.
It truly was an inspirational day and raises the heart for our futures.

All 100 women, have worked in their own unique ways to touch life and lives with their souls’ hearts.
Their spiritual connection with themselves and others has gifted the world in so many different ways:

From a young 28 year old, second generation Indian girl, who joined the police force and refused
to attack  protestors and opened up dialogue on the front line and now the Met police are
helping her to extend this work. To a really sassy media lady who doesn’t tell the same old stuff,
a female judge who listens with her heart and chooses forgiveness, an MP , a poet  …….
so so many .
And they all keep on doing what they do and it really permeates out.
Just being given the opportunity to see and feel this was/is a wonderful reminder
of how each and everyone of us at each and every moment can make a difference ……
Our ‘gift’and the feminine ‘gift’ is this gentle yet constant out-flowing that eventually forms…..

There will be a list of all those 100 women –
currently it’s been worked on so that each and everyone’s ‘work’ can be accessed via links etc……

How We Found 100 Women Of Spirit:  link

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