Notes From The Flourishing Diversity Indigenous Earth Summit London 2019

The Flourishing Diversity Summit – Sat 7 September – Wed 11 September 2019
Representatives came from the following people:
Maori (New Zealand), Aborigine (Australia), Idu Mishmi & Bishnoi (India), Puyanawa, Ashaninka (Brazil/Peru) Guarani (Brazil/Argentina), Sami (Sweden) Arucho Mamos (Columbia) Khoisan (Namibia), Okiek (Kenya), Ewe (Ghana), Yuroba (Nigeria),Lokota, Sioux, Ponka, Yuroba (USA), Mayan (Mexico)

The summit opened with a walk with intention for the Thames (the life blood of London) from Kingston to Greenwich. The grandmothers held ceremony, filling everyone with energy and medicine for the task ahead. As they spoke, the wind grew and the geese came in. Tourists were filming the Grandmothers on their phones, one of the elders was crying saying “this is for real, this is for real”

The walk ended at sunset on the Greenwich Meridian Line. The place where the troubles started when time was carved up. The Grandfathers, the Mamos, made ceremony with coca sending the darkness into the core of the earth and inviting in the light. When they finished, the geese appeared again. The night ended with sunset sky over the Thames with the silhouette of Canary Wharf towers against the sunset to the right, and the huge V of the geese flying into the sunset to the left.


Throughout the five days the elders spoke for themselves. The words in italics are their words, or the words of the translators who were translating real time

Guarani Nation – Amazon Rainforest
Eunice Kerexu
When we adore this divinity, things come back to us
Women are the guardians of the culture, the language and the seeds
Warriors went to war and did not come back
Warriors are still dying in attacks on the amazon
Women left preserving
Women had to make a stand & put a sustainable proposal together for the world
Women have organised the tribes to work together
2000 indigenous women came together
We need protection because we protect the world

We pray in our language
Spirituality is in the language
Words are seeds and we are stewardesses of words and seeds
Join us – we are on the best side
No machine can give us pure water, clean air, trees

We have the sacred inside of us along with the plants and the animals
I invite you all to plant lives, sew lives and reconnect so we can live a little bit longer.
If we go on like this there will be no more life left

Brazil’s indigenous people are under attack!
Brazil’s rainforests are under attack!

Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil

Ashanininka Nation –
Amazon Atlantic Rainforest
Nature gives you what you need as long as you look after her with harmony and love
Don’t have what you don’t need
Nature gives us knowledge, so much wisdom, so much to teach
Not through logic and reason
There is no division between us and the land, no borders
Our Divinity is very unhappy, this is a very sad time for all of us
We pray for all of us.
We are one people
We belong to one planet
Animals plants and stones all have protecting spirits and guardian angels

We don’t live by clocks – Day is to ‘do’ – Night is to pray and rest
We live in 2 cycles –
Spring/summer is New Time,
Autumn /Winter is Old time – We withdraw and reflect and think of the future New Time
New Time is when we have rituals and baptisms of seeds and children
Name is given by the shaman who is told the name
The forest is our life and we are part of the forest + the cycle of nature
EG I need permission from divinity to cut a tree or I am doing something wrong
Land and water are sacred like blood
The river in Sao Paolo is a corpse
Now we are told we are invaders of our own land
We are here with a cry for help
Asking you to help us so the amazon can be saved
The shaman say “man is killing our mother”
We are the guardians of the forest and mother earth is crying for help
A call for us to reforest our hearts our minds and our own bodies
The hope for us is in the Divinity
We are ALL indigenous people
Stop the assault on the spirits of the land

We need to know the world from a different way – scientific has made the planet sick
We must cure the illness that is inside our minds and inside our feelings
We need to simplify how we live

The earth has life because of water, forest, and fungus
No distancing between any of the parts
Learn to live with everything – this is the law of divinity

Look at what you drink. Look at what you eat. Where does it come from & what are you throwing away?
How are you going to use what we have been given?
Use one tree for your needs and plant another for your children
For every plant tree and animal, you kill, put one back.
We must learn where we came from
We must learn the human language and the language of birds and animals and fish.
We don’t have to pay nature to look after us and we don’t have to kill her to survive.

Be responsible for what you eat and drink – this is how you show dignity

A centre of creation has been made to save the world, and we have put into practice.
The minority are protecting the world for the whole of humanity
We must change and restore
What are you eating? What are you drinking? How are you getting rid of your waste?
We (the Ashaninka) live in an invisible world, an enchanted world which you will never know if you don’t look inside of yourselves.
We are sure about who we are and what we want
We are able to create new planes and new plans
Spirit and strength has helped us reclaim our history
Wake up – lets live
Without lived spirituality and lived culture it grows very difficult
A great alliance of indigenous people is coming together
All ‘Nations’ are planting trees
Our power comes from songs and chants
9 women received communication that we must save the traditions, the rituals and the culture to save the earth.
Everything comes from women
We come from a drop of water


The Mamos
Our mission is to look after birthing elements
The sacred world is reflected in our genitals
From the beyond we are born from the water
And we materialised when we reached the earth
There is a positive charge in our Right-Hand side, and a negative charge in our Left Hand side – these are the tools we have to heal the earth.
We were born with the elements and the elements are now in danger
Help us preserve this way of thinking

When we talk about the earth we talk about ourselves
Placenta is the origin where we feed ourselves form the sacred
The baby must be registered in all four elements to be an ingredient in mother earth to help in her salvation
To work we must ensure the physical wellness of the placenta
The placenta is the personal sacred place

Mamos have direct access to the origin
A change coming will affect the next 9 generations
A new structure will be born we need to baptise into nature
Mamos are involved in the birthing part

There is a rule – if you leave a legacy of destruction, there will continue destruction
This mission is of great importance to mother earth.

I am the river and the river is me
The whites are going nowhere – very fast!
Water of the mother and water of the father make fire in the heart
This is the Maori understanding of creation
1 From the night and 1 From the day and remain in a loving embrace
From that embrace the forest, the weather, the keeper of all humanity, the water, the keeper of all cooked food, uncooked food and of medicine still in the womb of papatua
The first land you own is the placenta – every human being owns land
The life-force is from time immemorial
From the source
The movement of the ‘knowing that moved’
Give us back our land – if you don’t we have the biggest military force known to man – Mother Earth!
Give us back our land and let us teach you how to be with yours
The lifeforce comes from the source of love – so get your love stuff back!
Stop being afraid!
Learn to forgive
Extinction Rebellion – learn to forgive

MAYAN (‘may’ means corn)
Kya-Xe’ Zelaya Dudney
The prophecy of the rainbow corn – (detail to follow)
Weeks after the vision/experience the grandmother was in Guatemala and gifted a new corn cob from an all white cornfield. When she opened it there were red white yellow and black kernels all mixed together
The 4 directions must come together now.
The rise of the feminine
The return to balance
Stop thinking with your minds and start thinking with your hearts
No water – no life
Build community
Stop scheduling

Elin Teikus (Sami Sweden)
If the reindeer are good, I am good
We speak earth

Jyoti Vision Keeper (N America)
Energy brings a story so we can respond not react
Seek your roots, know where you come from, get yourself adopted by a ‘good’ mother
The new way that’s coming means that we don’t have to compete for time and space.
We have and we are being dreamed into place.
Yesterday was about where we are at and there was a lot of shame and guilt.
Today is about possibility hope and dreams
Don’t fight for her – stand up for her
Watch your dreams
Lose arrogance – be humble
Allow life to navigate, to flow, don’t control
Don’t be afraid, be prepared, receive, clear fear
Living a life guided by dreams is not always an easy one, but is a significant one
Did you forget that you are holy?
Once you say ‘yes’ you can’t stop until you have planted what you have been given to carry
The underworld of abuse is a great teaching
The water is working – work with the water
Timing in alchemy is the ultimate thing

Come back to community where you are working with the earth and listening to your intelligence
Step out of the box
Let false things fall off us
Don’t be afraid – pay attention
Do we burn the karma or roll around in it?
Call the matriarchal system back and the wisdom from the ancestors – stories to keep your life fed
Return the economic system to original form
Come back to the original form of currency – healers, grandmothers, doctors, lawyers – all form of currency
Have the humility to sit at the same table and share currency + bring back reciprocity to the planet
Don’t make a ‘plan’ or put an organic process into a box.
Just start with the seed
The seed is about relations
Start there and everything will unfold
There are teachings to guide us through these times. We must collaborate together and share currency.
Mantra – to be spoken every morning before anything else
“I am the divine mother
She lives in me
And everything she needs
Comes to me easily”
Call in the goodness that is ready to birth through us each day

Luisah Teish (Iyanifa & Oshun chief, Ifa/Orisha tradition of the West African Diaspora)
Representing the unrepresented African/Americans who are not seen as indigenous to anywhere
If you want to protect the earth but don’t know how…
Which element do you belong to and are responsible for?
Which element /deity were you born to serve?
How do I serve?
Where in nature do I feel most comfortable/connected?
Where do I show up most of the time?
Where do I go to restore?
The Archetype of Oshun and the Divine Feminine

The story of Oshun is all about protecting the divine feminine
We need to protect the water
We are responsible for protecting the ‘sweet’ water (fresh water) not the salt water
Only 2% of the earth’s water is fresh water and most of that is frozen in icebergs
Fresh water is like liquid diamonds
We have to give up false divisions we have been taught
Every child is my child. A hungry child is my child
How to find out what your work is? – When you feel an impulse to do something ‘because it is the right thing to do’
Energy is being given to you to eg clean up the water, clean up the beaches.
A magical exchange of energy
Oshun is the goddess of second chances
We are being given a second chance
To change our attitude to earth
Change our ways so we can be humans together.
Truth telling – This is what has happened, this is what has been done, and this is what we are going to do about it.
This year a message came from Oshun:
“The women must be in the lead”
If you shut your monkey mind and breathe, there is an opening for your indigenous self to surface. Ask for permission to enter the forest and take an offering.
Go with respect.
Don’t take more than you need
Tread carefully
And share what you have got

Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, Ogala Sioux
Sit down at the still point of the heart, of what is
The fontanelle is the most sacred place on the body
The hair is most sacred

The balance between men and women must learn to get along
Scha – masculine – is the movement in everything
Wawha – feminine – the law in everything

The natural law keeps everything in balance
Rites of passage – seven sacred ceremonies
Women own the world and men are the gifts.

The white, yellow, black and red people – their palms are all the same colour
You see that palm print all over the world
Ceremonies are to give, not to keep
Bless your water – always be holy, always be pure

Xiye Bastide – Mexico
Bringing personal stories into the data creates personal change/creates policy change
A new way of life we have to be living
It’s not about ‘we the people’ it’s about ‘we the planet’
You have to ‘be’ peace if you want peace with the earth.

Listening session with Grandmothers
The ones that are coming are very old beings
Ascension of humankind into a new awakening
A new consciousness is rising
The sacred feminine and sacred masculine is rising
Big change coming in 2026
A collective…..forth – men, women, old, young from the four corners
If we really listen everything is being told to us
Prophesy has instructions for the time you are in
Start to follow it, listen to it
Instead of trying to navigate and be in the fast lane
If you Listen you can help the turning time
We only have this moment
Give it all your focus, all your heart, all your spirit, all your prayers


In the past some of these traditions have been in conflict, but now the elders from every group have come together and formed a treaty to work together as one on behalf of Earth at this critical time. They ask for our solidarity and support in this work.

These are just fragments from the five days.
For more information and follow up information you can go to the website:


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