Flourishing Diversity: Indigenous Earth Summit. London Sept 2019

“If you listen you can help the turning time”
They had come so many and so far, for the sake of the earth, for the sake of us all, with a
message for our time. Maori, Aborigine, Idu Mishmi, Bishnoi, Puyanawa, Ashaninka,
Guarani, Sami, Arucho, Okiek, Ewe, Yuroba, Lokota, Sioux, Ponka and Mayan Wisdom
Keepers. They gathered in London this month for the Flourishing Diversity summit, bringing
us the original ways of seeing and being. Urging us to put aside our differences, to silence
our monkey minds, and allow our indigenous selves to emerge. To stop talking and to start
The summit opened with a walk with intention for the Thames, the life blood of London,
from Kingston to Greenwich. The grandmothers held ceremony, each calling in their
medicine through song, for the task ahead. As they spoke the wind built, the trees leaned in
and the geese arrived. Tourists were filming the Grandmothers on their phones, one of
them was crying saying this is for real.
The walk ended at sunset on the Greenwich Meridian Line, the place where the troubles
started when time was carved up. The Grandfathers, the Mamos, made ceremony with coca
sending the darkness into the core of the earth and inviting in the light. When they finished,
the geese appeared again, flying in formation over us and into the sunset sky over the
Thames with the silhouette of Canary Wharf towers against the sunset to their right.
The Elders spoke for five days with translation in real time. They called for right relationship
and reciprocity with the land the water and the air. For reconciliation with the earth, with
each other and with ourselves
It’s not about ‘we the people’ it’s about ‘we the planet’. You have to ‘be’ peace if you want
peace with the earth. Energy is being given to you. A magical exchange of energy. We are
being given a second chance. To change our attitude to earth. Change our ways so we can
be humans together. We need to know the world from a different way. Start with yourself.
Seek your roots, know where you come from, know who you are.
The new way that’s coming means that we don’t have to compete for time and space. We
have and we are being dreamed into place. Let false things fall off us. Call back the wisdom
from the ancestors. There are teachings to guide us through these times. We must
collaborate together, share currency, and bring back reciprocity to the planet.
We don’t have to pay nature to look after us and we don’t have to kill her to survive. Nature
gives you what you need as long as you look after her with harmony and love. When we
adore this divinity, things come back to us. Ask for permission to enter the forest and take an
offering. Go with respect. Don’t take more than you need. Tread carefully. And share what
you have got. Be responsible for what you eat and drink – this is how you show dignity. Don’t
have what you don’t need. We invite you to come into the struggles to reforest the Amazon,
and to reforest our hearts our minds and our own bodies, because more than the forest,
what has been deforested is us as human beings. We have the sacred inside of us along with
the plants and the animals. We are ALL indigenous people.
There is no division between us and the land, no borders. We have to give up false divisions
we have been taught. Learn to live with everything – this is the law of divinity. The Four
Directions must come together now. The rise of the feminine. The return to balance. We
need to simplify how we live. Stop scheduling. Allow life to navigate, to flow, don’t control.
Lose arrogance – be humble. Learn to forgive. Don’t be afraid, be prepared.
Come back to community where you are working with the earth and listening to your
intelligence. Call in the goodness that is ready to birth through us each day. Stop thinking
with your minds and start thinking with your hearts. Don’t make a ‘plan’ or put an organic
process into a box. Just start with the seed. The seed is about relations. Start there and
everything will unfold. Once you say ‘yes’ you can’t stop until you have planted what you
have been given to carry.
There is an ascension of humankind into a new awakening. A new consciousness is rising.
The sacred feminine and sacred masculine is rising and there is big change coming.
If we really listen everything is being told to us. Prophesy has instructions for the time you
are in. Start to follow it, listen to it, instead of trying to navigate and be in the fast lane
If you listen, you can help the turning time. Give it all your focus, all your heart, all your
spirit, all your prayers. We only have this moment.
In the past some of these traditions have been in conflict, but now the elders from every
group have come together and formed a treaty to work together as one on behalf of Earth
at this critical time. They ask for our solidarity and support in this work.
Don’t fight for her – stand up for her. Join us – we are on the best side!
These are just fragments from the five day summit. Written by Sharon Brittain
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