An exploration of a disconnected river, the Brue and Axe in Somerset by Bruce Garrard.
Inspired by a Glastonbury screening of the film Aluna , where the Kogi people of Colombia,isolated for centuries, relay an urgent message to the materialist modern world:
“You don’t have to give up the lives you are living, but you must protect the rivers.”
Bruce made a commitment to explore our local river, the Brue, this book descibeshis journey and that of the river. Bruce descovers that the life of the river has mirrored our own disconnection.  The River
Also see Brue Crew: restoring the river Brue.


Hallr Wood is  near Charlton Makerel and Drayton Wood is near Langport
With a green woodworking workshop, woodland stage, various shelters, a rustic kitchen/cafe, pizza oven, Romano- British style pottery kiln, and compost toilets.
Offering a diverse range of all year around programs including: long term secondary provision, therapeutic interventions, Wilder Play family sessions, overnight hammock camps, workshops and training for schools, teaching  bushcraft and other rural wood and wool crafting skills.

From Their Mission Statement:

    • Engage the community (households, businesses, and community organisations) in their energy economy, so they understand and can respond to the challenges and opportunities it presents.
    • Be the number one choice for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Glastonbury, Wells and the surrounding Mendip area.
    • Create energy independence for community groups, residents, and local businesses. Building local community resilience and helping future-proof the place in which we live and work!
    • Provide sources of community owned and affordable renewable energy to address local fuel poverty.
    • Establish a Community Benefit Fund using income generated from solar installations that will specifically target support to fuel poverty, energy efficiency and community energy initiatives.
    • Ensure local employ ment in the renewable energy sector and encourage a strong green technology economy in and around Avalon. FFI:  Website

                                       PLOTGATE: Community Supported Agriculture

Plotgate is a Community Benefit Society offering weekly or fortnightly, seasonal vegetable boxes to its subscribing members, as well as encouraging participation, feasting, skill building and a deepening awareness of food growing and ecological approaches to agriculture.
Membership is also available to people who do not have regular veg boxes- go to the website  for more information about how to be involved.
The Land is off Mill Road TA11 6DF Barton St David


Working for socially just and ecological food production in Glastonbury,Street and surrounding areas.
Unfortunately their website does not seem to be working very well at the moment Feed Avalon 


Here is their face book page with much information about various local actions and initiatives :