Dark Dawning Light

All ‘Greening’ Gestates In Darkness

The  Cosmic Child With Stars In Its Eyes

The child is the emerging archetype, the symbol of the coming age. Yet unlike other archetypes, the essence of the child is a space rather than a form, a sacred space in which we can be our true selves and experience the joy that belongs to life itself.     Light of Oneness by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

In my arms I was holding a beautiful luminous child. It was not a child of the flesh and blood but a child whose surface of light and stars seemed wrapped about an interior of emptiness, of space. And yet this child is an organic living being, inspiring incredible tenderness and awe. I was so amazed.     Light of Oneness  by  Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Child With Stars In His Eyes

I am the connector, the unifier between the poles of opposites.  I am the place of resolution being neither this nor that.  I am an energy, a force that flows between bearing the light of love.  I am the smile within the heart, a place of comfort and ease.  I am joy that needs no great exhortation, joy as peace.  I am silver winged mercury, an irresistible essence, uncontainable, ever flowing, everywhere at once.  In opening to me all will fall away like leaves from an autumn tree, nothing can be held on to.  Dare you to be that energy of joy softly whispering to that place where no one hears but everyone knows who touches the feel within.  I am an ever becoming, a moment by moment response to loves call to dance the wonder of life in outpouring motion, never still, or held, or bound but that which binds, connects, unifies all.  I am the Child peeping through your eyes in a blink, so follow me there and see what I see and you can be at one with all.

Dream Vision

In the dream I wake at 3.30 am, to find it is daylight and everyone is
up celebrating and peacefully expectant of Something… the streets
are full of children.
Then I remember, Yes, it’s predicted for this time…!
A Great Ripple is right now moving through the Deep Belly of the
Earth, around and within, and visible across the entire globe.
It takes three minutes to pass through the UK.
Deeply moved, I run into the garden to see it moving away across the
land, like a baby’s foot stirring inside the pregnant belly of a woman.
And I hear the most wonderful roaring of life, which I know and love.
Elated I run down through a rocky place in the garden – ecstatic,
singing, and little waterfalls are running too.
I know and I sing out that I will tell the song-poem of the pangs and
the great joys of this extraordinary birth-ripple and what will come
to be.

Trees Are Burning

Trees are
Burning from the inside
Down. Roots
Surge and
Race in
Molten fire,
Embers sear in
Rivulets of ore,
Rippling, writhe
And storm the core
Of life’s desire.

Cast not in heaven’s mold
Nor writ in stone
Form creations
New and strange:
Not risen from an
Ancient pyre
But incandescent,
Life – in naked
Tongues of flame –
Born of herself

    But birthed from
Deep within
Earth’s dream –
A firmament
Where stars collide
And sparks ignite
To change the course
Of what has been.

This is the time
To witness change,
To bear
The heat
Of what will be:
Strike now,
Strike while the iron’s hot
And fan the flames
To fire life’s seed.

The Sublime Unknown

An Intangible presence
Arrives like a fine aroma
Suffusing the senses
With a bewildering invitation
Yet not calling
Just here
Already present
Staring me full in the face.

A sublime subtlety
Too deep for minds to fathom
I can not name this
Nor pack it
Nor file it away in memory,
For it is here now
Whispering the secret

I still don’t get the joke,
And wanting to be
A doorway
A cleft
A crack
A space
To an Unknown-Known

holding I saw the future flowing from a well spring
Nurturing earth and everything therein.
Songs singing of circles.
Endless motion, birth.
Life knowing the way of wind water soil fire.
Earth’s song. –

Melody of stars in children’s eyes.
Men weeping war and re-born.
Women of love and giving.
Children singing.
Light days.
Praise work pleasure.
Kindness strong words devotion.
Heal and mend.

Send this to the waters depths
Mountains high
Rivers flowing.
Fast track through passage ways
Of days sacredly sent.

Earth’s song.
New born day.