Prayer For The World

The Earth Is Not Just Where We Live; It Is The Very Reason We Are Alive   Stephanie Kaza

The Earth’s Prayer
No sounds of you when blessing
Your lands and all there is on and in
The layers of your being.
There are no sounds
As your dawns rise the lands to turn
Autumn to winter,
Spring to summer sun.
There are no sounds of your prayers
Whispering in the depth of soil,
Seeds deeply maturing,
Hay turning gold.
There are no sounds in the deep deep,
The high high, the lowly lowly.
Your prayer is in every cell and pore,
In every blade of grass,
Whispering of ripened days,
Empty landscapes, trees breathing.
Oh the silence,
The silence so deep,
Still, abundant,
Ever present.
My heart expands with the knowing of it,
Your silent praying that births the seasons,
Rain, the sowing growing harvesting,
Beauty surrender dancing stillness,
Emptiness abundance of the days,
Your days birthed in prayer,
Your prayer ever breathing in, breathing out,
Ever giving, ever being life renewing Earth.

Albatross to Zero

Fractured earthWe still have…
borealis and
clouds pink at
frost fire,
hills, sun’s warmth
But for how much longer…?

Ice patterns,jewels of
merge turquoise, arraying the
One world in
peace, we say
Yet how, do we know…?

Quiet of a
rose petal, silent filigree
Trees trace our time
But how far will we go…?

Undulating coral,parched earth
vast oceans beneath
whales dive,
exult in the deep
Why, why the albatross, though…?

Where’s all this going, to
zenith or zero?
with love
it’s ours – not to keep,
or for taking –
but for us to awaken
from ignorance
and sleep

And we’ve so little time…

Prayer for the Earth – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee from Working with Oneness on Vimeo.