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An Invitation


The path winds down through green grasses and in the distance is a calm lake lapping gently
in response to the breezes and bees are studiously examining the small blue flowers that
grow wild among the corn.  It is a peaceful yet active place, the small shifts in the movement
of plants and insects creating a steady murmur of life at the edges of the
greater calm of the pale blue sky with wisps of white cloud hardly moving or changing.
There is an old brick wall where there is an open door.  It has a beckoning feel and as
you approach you see a garden not large but carefully tended.  As you look through the door,
standing at the threshold, it looks like a place you have always longed to find, strangely
familiar, with the scent of wood smoke and damp earth and something exotic too, like maybe
an orchid from the Far East.  And the door is open like an invitation but at first you stand
at the entrance thinking maybe this place is too sacred to disturb. And then you find yourself
quietly taking gentle footsteps through the green sanctuary.  You find beds of white and red
roses and breathe in the fragrance which is like melting in honey or perhaps there is also a
hint of something darker, a reminder of thorns like spikenard, or eucalyptus oil used to anoint
the feet.  There are thorns that catch but this is only a brief reminder of time, of the shortness
of the time that we have. As you embrace the flowers, you look down to see some drops of blood
fall and you see that it is your blood, which comes now rich and thick but you do not wish to
let go of your embracing of the flowers because it is your real blood. It tells you who you
are and where life is.
You know that you cannot stay forever here but you can take the memory of this place with you
and go from the outside to the inside in your mind which will give you back the vision when you
ask for the door to be opened and now you must leave because there is work for you to do and
so you leave the garden as you found it and find that you leave feeling a new sense of calm
and a new feeling of joy. 

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A Cry of the Earth – A Dream Experience in Delphi, Greece 2013

The Dream:

I was wandering on this beautiful land, a landscape of mountains and valleys, when I suddenly felt a deep pain – an impersonal pain which spread inside me and which I felt everywhere.
I became aware of a woman lying in a kind of hollow, a small depression in the earth. She was so pale, very fragile, as if dying, and suffering deeply. I knew in my heart she was the “Mother of All”, the Earth herself.
People were walking over her not noticing that they stepped on her. They seemed only half awake, talking all the time unaware of where they were walking. I saw all the shoes, the boots, continually stepping over her. I was drawn to get closer to her. For a moment I was alone with her and tried to speak to her. She did not answer. She was so frail and so much in pain. So I sat down and listened and felt for her.
After a while she began speaking. She said,
“Feel.  Don’t play around. You need to FEEL, wake up and feel.”
I asked her about her pain. She answered – and the deeper we went in conversation, the more she seemed to come alive, the stronger her voice was:
“My deepest pain is that I no longer can nourish you.”
“My breasts are running dry, my fountains dried out.”
“What can we do?”, I asked.  She answered,
“You need to sit with me at the places of darkness.”

And what she didn’t say but what I felt or somehow was seeing, was to sit there with the light that
is within us, at the places we do not want to see. –

Many hours later I was still in this tremendous pain, almost unbearable.  I felt it in my whole
being, also in my physical body. There seemed to be no way to get out of it, it had a quality of
total imprisonment, a closing of all doors. I don’t remember having ever felt this kind of pain,
such suffering. Still sitting beside her, after a while I heard the words in my heart, “There is
love, nothing but love, at the core of creation.” And this was the only door.

Reflections on the dream, some weeks later:

“You need to feel”. This is what stayed with me, vividly, as the essence of this experience.
We feel in the heart. It is not the emotion, not the despair, notthe sadness, not fear, not anger.
It is love. Love is what is felt in the heart. We need to find once more a relationship of love
with the earth.
Have you ever lain on the earth, feeling her closeness, and justloved her? Not a love for any special reason. You felt love – not because theearth gives you something, not even because you may call her ‘mother’. You felt love, because there is love. A closeness, Oneness.
I have heard people say, “We need the earth, but the earth doesn’t need us.” How can we say this?
There is no one-way-relationship. If there is a real relationship between the earth and us, if there
is love, we need each other. We humans give and receive, and the earth gives and receives.
The earth needs us. We are deeply connected, not only physically but connected through the soul.
We couldn’t feel love for the earth, if she had no soul. In this experience I felt her soul.
I felt her crying, and this made me cry.
So when earth said she suffers so much from not being able to nourish us, I clearly felt, this was
not solely about physical nourishment. It was not only about food. It is the nourishment that earth gives to our whole inner being. The earth can no longer nourish our souls, if we continue to deny her own soul, if we relate to her as dead matter and no longer relate to the vibrant light of life within her. It’s our spirit that needs the earth, so that we can have experiences on the level of the soul,
and can take part in a spiritual evolution. Soul needs soul, light needs to be acknowledged. It is a circle.
The great tragedy is we have interrupted this circle. But we can heal it with love.
What I realized with help of this dream is that whatever solutions we come up with, whatever we may
try to launch for the sake of saving the earth, it needs to be rooted in the feeling of love. We need
to step out of the patterns of intellectual — even spiritual knowledge, we first need to FEEL her.
We need to feel and listen to the earth.    Angela Fischer

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Protection Of The New

I am  somewhere outside in nature when a man comes and asks me if I would take care of his Grandchild. I say yes, imagining that his whole family is going somewhere and that the Grandson needs to be babysat for an hour or so. So I am very surprised that instead of a young boy something else is  placed  in my hand. I am rather baffled by this for looking down I see a creature that lies along the length of my hand and is black and so soft and warm to the touch. The feel of it makes me think of a mole’s soft fur on a the body of a large smooth caterpillar. It has no real features or form, and definitely no bones. Yet it is a being so alive and so fully aware. I stare and stare trying to make sense of what has actually been put into my care.

All the while the awareness of this little being is so utterly engaging, full of joy, curiosity and wonder and after a time I discover that if I look for eyes I see eyes, if I look for a mouth I see a mouth.Then quick as thought it is no longer in my hand but out in the water of the bay. I quickly follow to make sure it is safe and watch as this little being is exploring and coming to know water. Then I guide it gently back to the shore and hold it in my hand and again suddenly it is on the ground before me and now it has a more human like form, but not like any human I have ever seen and then it is back to the first shape. It seems  that it is very mercurial and has the capacity to take on any form.That this seeming single celled type organism can transform into anything! It has qualities we often see in a very young children but somehow far more vibrant an awareness than any single human. And alongside this such an open curiosity with seemingly no sense or awareness of danger. Just an innocence and incredible vulnerability. 

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Gathering At The Well

Experience:  As we hold the space, we are like women gathering at an ancient well.
A well that plunges down into the very core and depths of the world
And is at the same time a dark mirror that reveals and reflects the whole cosmos.
As we held the space the water showered over us as a blessing
That every cell of the body drank in through the skin like warm sunlight.
Water from the source of all life which we can offer to anyone
And everyone as they pass by.

Dream: Offering everything into ‘the space’ that we hold together.
A great letting go,
Initially I feel a bit sticky/sweaty as if I have been
Working physically hard on a very hot day.
The experience is a bit like walking slowly into a warm ocean.
I sense how everything;  conditioning, old patterns and attitudes just melt away
And vanish in this space.
Like sugar must feel dissolving in hot tea.
Alongside all this personal stuff  I sense how the weight of our collective history
And patterns and attitudes can also disappear,
To leave such a sense of freedom to Be.

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Pregnant Pause

Experience of light travelling through the Earth in quite a convoluted way until finally  reaching a still pool.

Here it is as if nothing is happening ,

-A pregnant pause-

The  light is the umbilical cord.

Aware of mind thinking- Is that all! This is it!

And knowing the need to be with this

Of just being with this.

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The Space We Hold Together

It is all about the space, holding the space,
Us surrounded by the Elders
And around them the Great Ones.
Such a quality to the space as it opened up,
An exquisite fragrance like a rose but not a rose.
And such a strength, like steel
And a vertical shaft of light coming down
Right into the core of the Earth.


The experience in the circle when sit in silence is of  holding open a door together,
Then there is no door, just a space for something to come through.


The group breathes and weaves
A nest
A place to rest
To be
Holding a space
A space for Grace
An actual place,
In another space
Which is –  whilst we hold it here,
Connecting spaces.
One place because we remembered
We dwellers on earth
We dwellers in earth
We dwellers of earth
We dwellers from earth
We weave together the heart-seen and the eye-seen
And all our twigs make one nest
So much more than the twigs

And the remembering breath does the weaving.

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“…it feels vital – essential – to bring my body-woman-essence to consciousness, but how? What can I do? The madness of the world-unconsciousness feels un-ending, covers all the ground… But what do I want to do? Rain and words glance off the surface but my body is earth-feeling, non-vertical, great pathways, the planet in space… There is something to bring into the ground, back into the earth…. In my mouth there is rain, and leaves and mud. My head is bent low, my naked body seated on the earth, vulva and mud not separate… a straight branch, a staff, is pressed down through my spinal column, through my vulva, down into the ground… “

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The Divine Mother Drum

The Drum

The bold messenger from the Deep
The insistent call
Brought through in the Animal form

January 27th 2013 in the Abbey Grounds

The image from our group yesterday came to me whilst walking
The circle of women sitting pulling the skin, fingers curled around the edge of the wooden frame, such a tension and intent, such power and love coming from the hearts of the women, pouring down our arms and into our hands and fingers,

Creating The Divine Mother Drum

Then the image of the Women lifting the Drum and turning it on its edge to be held in its vastness up for the Divine Mother, to be sounded by Her, to ring out over the Land…..

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Symbol For The New Civilization

The Journey:new civilization symbol

In an instant I passed over all the civilizations we had created.
Was taken back to where the ancient ancestors were.
I came to a small circle of elders who were seated,
some leaning elbow to the earth.
One of them was stretched into the centre of the circle
and was drawing equations on the ground.
This was part of intense discussions that were taking place.
All the elders were very actively and deeply engaged
in the discussions,which were very esoteric,
mathematical, alchemical.
I felt I was with great masters.
I stood for a while watching from outside of the circle.
Then they took me into the circle to be with them.
I saw they could see into the past and future.
The ancestor who had been drawing the equations now held a long white rod in his hand,
he swept it over the ground like a windscreen wiper. As the rod swept across the ground,
pictures of the past were seen. As he drew the rod back across the ground, pictures of the future were seen.
I was then standing outside the circle with one of the elders,
which I could only see the back of. He was slender, tall, dressed in a slim full length light tan robe with a hood that was worn over his head. The image was that of a monk. He took my left hand in his right hand. I became a young person of maybe 12 years old. I saw the image of myself as being ‘little brother’, the name the Kogi call us.
A very long straight narrow white road stretched out before us. I saw the back of us while we walked hand in hand in silence. Now present on the road, we walked past previous civilizations, which could be seen on both sides of the road. I saw they were made of cardboard. The image was of empty cardboard boxes of various sizes, some upside down, some on their side. The whole landscape was dusty brown, had the feeling of empty wastelands. It was clear that I was to pass by, to give what I saw no energy. We walked till we came to where our civilization is now. The elder and maybe 10 of us who live in this time sat together in a circle outdoors on flat grassy green ground. The elder stretched himself across the ground and began to draw the symbol of the new civilisation on the grass. First he drew a large circle, which became a white translucent disc. He then drew the centre, which was circular and open through which the energy from the depths of the earth was drawn up in cylindrical fashion, to flow through the open centre in two channels both flowing in opposite directions across the disc. Both channels of energy were the width of the central opening. They flowed across the surface to the discs edge into the grassed earth. It was as if the elder had drawn the symbol with light.

Gathering, July 7. 2012

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Two Realities

diffuse awareness

In this dream from January 2013
I am in a room full of people when the Teacher
who has been addressing us, turns in my direction and says,
‘You have had a dream’.
This is a statement not a question.
The witnessing aspect of my dreaming self then hears my
voice begin to describe this experience:
How I stepped though the doorway of a house and into an interior.
How I had found myself unexpectedly confronted by a space
where absolutely nothing was familiar.
Just a diffuse awareness of a formless space and light.
A place where there is absolutely nothing that belongs to the past or to our conditioning
This experience brought back the memory of a big dream from over 20 years ago,
where I had stepped through the door of an ordinary looking house only to discover
that behind the modern facade was a beautiful Middle Eastern Palace.
There was a strange echo of that experience here,
yet this was of an altogether different order, completely new, absolutly impersonal.
Nothing that I could name or know or recognise was present in this formless space.
YetI felt certain that there must be a container for water and with this thought,forming
an ordinary drinking glass became visible and present in the space.
It was however rather like seeing a glass in a painting by Vermeer.
It looked so real, so recognisable and yet the knowing that if one was to move closer
‘the brushstrokes’ so to say, would start to become apparent and the glass more ephemeral.
This glass was like that, both with and without form at one and the same time.
Like the wave and the particle that the Physicists speak of.
I woke to the disparity between my everyday, so called normal life,
and this other reality that is also here, so tangibly present.

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