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In Conversation With Ilarion Merculieff

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The Ancient Parchment Revealed

We lie + open all our ears
Completely – Porous
Wanting nothing
Our bodies – our own brown bodies
But then not even ours –

Given in surrender to you
Great Mother.
Faces, breasts, pubic bones, knees
Feet – pressed into your Body
Arms outstretched, palms to the
Ground, fingers
– Imbibing –
When the wisdom is received
There is a rising, raising up from Your Body
And a tending to the work to be done.

The Ancient Parchment

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“…it feels vital – essential – to bring my body-woman-essence to consciousness, but how? What can I do? The madness of the world-unconsciousness feels un-ending, covers all the ground… But what do I want to do? Rain and words glance off the surface but my body is earth-feeling, non-vertical, great pathways, the planet in space… There is something to bring into the ground, back into the earth…. In my mouth there is rain, and leaves and mud. My head is bent low, my naked body seated on the earth, vulva and mud not separate… a straight branch, a staff, is pressed down through my spinal column, through my vulva, down into the ground… “

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Women, Wisdom And Dreams; The Light Of The Feminine Soul by Anne Scott

‘I am walking by a forest grove,
and ask Nature if there is anything I need to know.
This is how I understand Nature’s response:
“ Women want to know how to best heal the earth.
They feel overwhelmed by all that is occurring now –
the outward signs of how I am changing.
They want to do something big, when it takes so little.
All that I need is for the women to notice…
To see me…
To take a moment to stop and be with me.
Just pay attention to me, notice I am here.
Just that, heals.
I t may not seem that looking with awareness at this plant,
that bird,the ground beneath your feet, creates healing,
And it may not look like something right here needs to be healed.
But just a woman’s looking, seeing me, just the touch of her hand,
just her feet walking upon me is an act of healing.
The energy is taken in, absorbed –
and sent through me to where it’s needed most.”

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Light Of Oneness by Llewellyn Vaughan – Lee


Light of Oneness by Llewellyn Vaughan – Lee offers an understanding of spiritual work that belongs to the future in which the knowledge of science and the wisdom of the mystic come together. It gives a global perspective to mystical activism that is vital if we are to help the world to awaken.

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Women Working With Oneness: Turning Our Attention to Embrace All of Life

Women Working with Oneness: A Forum for Women in Service to Life,was held in San Rafael, California, in Fall 2004. It drew together women from different spiritual, professional, cultural, and ethnic communities. The second gathering in early Spring 2005, allowed for more intimacy because of its smaller venue. The third event brings together Blackfoot, Sufi, and Buddhist women. In all events, it was demonstrated that when women come together from different communities for the sake of the world, the pure current of love and oneness is given. This way of women working together is so new that we barely dare to believe that it is real, and that it can have an effect on the suffering that exists in the tumult of our time.

‘O women, there is a way that we can help life so much now. It is not as you expect. It is not about your doing, although we each need to do the work we are here to do. This is about being – a state of being that is your power, and many of us have forgotten that we even have it. Your forgetting can bring despair. Please, sit a moment. Breathe. Allow. Your soul is a power, an empty space within that connects you to all life. We need only find and recognize this vibrant, healing stream that flows through us from head to toe; it is our recognition that allows it to flow out into life.

When we come together without judgment, creating a sacred space for this place in each of us, love pours through our differences and creates new pathways between us. It is the Real coming into life. We are the vehicles for this awakening because it takes place in our own lives. This is a beauty that has nothing to do with our problems. It just is. And within it are the qualities of peace, healing, and nourishment for life’

Imagine columns of light that reach from the earth to heaven. That is who we are. We need only come together from our different communities, and in the space between our differences, oneness can nourish the earth and bring the energy of real change into life.

For the whole article by Anne Scott:


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Dare To Walk Upright,

The feet firm on the ground. head up, straight.expansive
Open glance from human to human.
Welcoming glance from equal to equal.
Free exchange. No upper, no under.
How does it go?
Equality, Liberty Fraternity.
No, doesn’t sound ok. – Let your voice speak,
Your tears flow, your voice burst with laughter.
Be without limits, plant a tree although tomorrow life might end.
Be honest, be welcoming, say YES. Say NO, turn round to never look back again.
Leave the familiar and embrace with curious excitement
The New,
The not yet known.
Dress magnificent, indulge in food, have lovers piling up at your door
And be still inside in constant dialogue with The Beloved.
Have 9 cats, 10 chickens and a thousand flowers.
Caress the furniture with your dust cloth,
Awake a smile on your windows with water
And newspaper.
Entice visitors in with the smell of baking cake and cooking coffee.
Fill all receptacles with flowers and hum the folk songs your nanny once sung to you.
Be free, be silent, be yourself

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Coming Back From Above

Coming back from above, coming back from below, to the centre,
To emptiness, to what we know:
Still, unmoving space of emptiness, body sphere, earth at its centre, Its core,
Embodying stillness and silence
At the pinnacle, exact moments’ fulfilment.

How strange to reach for materials now, to do anything other than Be…
Because in this space is the Kun, the doing, the done.
It always happened this way, couldn’t be any other, simply was: Done.
Thy will is done.

And these threads are threads of light, connective filaments, radiant,
And radiating, the becoming becomes.
Without anything between knowing and living, the experienced and The real,
Fundamentally whole, direct transmission:
We know, and it’s done.

My belly an earth, a globe, a cosmos,
My arms an encircling star belt, my hands its clasp:
Opalescent oneness, emptiness, orgasmic entering of conscious awareness,
Becoming, becoming, become.

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Hilary Hart: Women’s Work

Women’s Work: A conversation with Hilary Hart from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo.

Hilary Hart also mentions her new book Body of Wisdom which will be published in Spring 2013:

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The Falling Of Leaves

The ancient beech, lopped and hollowed,
Ignites in the low rays of winter sun,
Leaves burnished
And falling about us
Like wild, glowing confetti.
As we lay dark mulch on the beds,
Putting the garden to rest for the winter.
I wonder if the falling of hair
Is as beautiful as the falling of leaves.
The greeness of spring
And the season’s toxins transmute
To brilliant copper.


And from some perspective,falling
Somewhere deep and far,
My hair, as it whitens and falls,
Is as beautiful
As the fluttering beech,
Hair and leaf burning with
What’s lived, what’s rejected.
Under the beech
I am showered by the beauty of loss,
And lit by the light of early evening,
I too am beautiful
Decaying, falling,
Passing into something else.

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