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A Commitment To Give Up:



Not Speaking Out

Self Interest, Putting Me and Mine First.


Labeling and Not Listening Enough to Others and to Within.

Judging Self and Others.

Distractions and Overcomittment to the Ten Thousand Things

In the End Want to Give Up Attachment to Everything and to be Happy with What Is There.

Give Up Ingnorance About the Near Future and the Long Term Future. So I will Inform Myself,

Listen to Podcasts , Read Relevant Books and Papers and Connect with Kindred Spirits.

Give up my Fear of Loss – of Identy, My Creature Comforts ( Well I’ll May Need  a 12 Step Detox Program for This)

Give up My Fear of the Future, for My Family and Loved Ones, to Spend More Time with Them.

Wasting Water

Wasting One Scrap Of Food

Stop Buying Imported Food, Including Chocolate.

Give Up Milk

Buying Bottled Water

Buying Cheap, Unsustainable clothing, Produced Unethically.

Not to Buy Anything New Unless Absolutely No Other Choice.

(To Upcycle, Mend and Repair, Beg or Borrow and Lend.)

Buying Household Cleaning Products ( to Make them Instead)

Stop Flying.

Stop Shopping in Supermarkets.

Stop Heating the Whole House.

Stop Using Diesel

Reduce  Car Use, (Walk More and Cycle)

Refuse Single Use Plastics/ all Plastic.

Stop Automatically Putting On the Radio.

Commitment To Set Aside a Good Sum of Money to Help the Enviroment.


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Respect for the Earth and for All People.

Care for and Protecting Local Springs, Wells and Rivers, Forest, Wetlands, Hedgerows.

Knowing Our Neighbours- Our Streets – Who Is Vulnerable- Who Has Skills – Mapping Our Community.

Celebrating Local Growers. Strenghthening Our Local Food System. Shopping at the Market and

Supporting Local Producers. Not letting Any Food Go To Waste.

More Street Parties! Storytelling and Singing.

Taking the Children to the Woods to Play.

Making Sure Children Get Time Away From Screens.

Fairness and More Financial Equality. Accepting Lower Profits.

More Allotments and Veg/Hemp Growing. More People Growing Their Own Food, Keeping Chickens and the Like.

Planting Flowers For All Insects. Feeding Birds In Winter.

Healthier Lifestyles and Enviroments.

A Sence of Community. Creating Resilient Community. Support of Others Day-to- Day and Longterm.

Embodied Connection. Non- Judgemental Communication.

Public Transport Infrastructure. Traffic Free Zones. Safer Roads For Cyclists and Walkers.

My Childhood Way Of Seeing. A Sense Of Wonder.

Play and Joy In Nature. Letting Our Hearts Soar With Buzzards and Sing With Blackbirds.

Meeting the Gaze Of Others. Taking the Risk Of Speaking to Someone Who Looks Sad.

Taking  Time to Say Hello and Being Willing to Engage and to Welcome a Stranger.

Courtesy, Generocity, Curiosity, Hospitality.

Not To Be Afraid Of Looking Foolish.

Taking Time to Care, to Listen, to Share a Cup of Tea With a Neighbour, To Be Spontaneous,

To Speak Our Truth To Those In Power.

To Observe Changes In The World Around Us.

Time To Listen and Play: Scavenger Hunt, For Myths and Legends and Poems .To Go Looking For

Mushrooms. To Play Chinese Whispers.  Time For Shared Suppers, Talking Over the Garden Fence,

Playing Board Games, Going on Bug/Butterfly Hunts.

Time to Impart Much Needed Skills: Handcrafts, Making Own Clothes, Repair, Maintenance, Upcycling,

Gardening etc.

To Be Able To Name All the Animals, Birds, Trees, Wildflowers  and  Insects That Live Locally.

A Quieter More Gentle Pace of Life.

Bring Back the Lunch Hour, With Time to Eat, to Muse, to Dream.

Re- enstate One Day a Week When Everthing Is Closed and No One Works So That You Will Need To Go

Borrow Tea From Your Neighbour.

Listening To Live Music,

Reading Aloud To One Another,

Talking and Listening To Children. Pushchairs where the Child Is Facing the One Pushing.

Listening – Conversations. Writing and Sharing Poetry.

Learning To Play a Musical Instrument.

Cooking, Eating Together, Sitting Down Together As a Family or Household.

Hanging the Washing Out to Dry.

The Luxury of Doing Nothing- Just Being- Present With What Is.

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Loss Of The Earth

Fear the End of Sustainable Life. Worsening Pollution, Destruction of All of this Natural and Human World,

Desecration of Nature. Loss and Extinction of Species, Loss of Birdsong and Insect Hum.

Fear Collapse and Savagery, Brutality, Violence, Violent Dislocation and Rampant Fear Based Selfishness.

Fear Starvation. Chaos, Panic Breaking Out, Incapacitation, Death.

Fear the Strongest, Overlooking or Destroying the Weakest. Polarization and Violent Divisiveness.

Fear Aloneness. Exclusion, the Cries of the Excluded,

Fear Humanities Worst Values Ruling. For Inequality, Hate and Greed to Take Over. Harshness.

Violence of the Mob, Criminality Gone Mad.

Fear That I Too Will Behave Badly.

Fear for the Suffering of My Family, My Children, and Grandchildren and Yours.

Fear for the Pain and Suffering of Future Generations.

Fear that Family, Friends, Everyone Looses all Hope

Fear Being too Old to be of any Real Help and of Falling into Despair.

Fear Spiralling Downwards into all Pervasive Pain.

Fear Loosing the Will to Live.

Regret and Anger for All that we have Lost and Being Blamed

Loss of Compassion,

Loss of Kindness and Respect for One Another.

Loss of Forgiveness

Loss of Awareness

Loss and Extinction of Species..

Loss of Connection, Loss Of Connection with Like Minds and Souls and Hearts

Loss of Love

Loss of Faith

Fear Machines, Technolgy taking over.




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Do Not Want To Lose:

The Earth.

The love in Our  Hearts, The Divine in Us, Our Souls, Our Children, Our Grandchildren.

Our Connection with each Other, the Natural World, All Nature, the Oceans, the Trees, the Animals,

Birdsong, Sunsets and Sunrise.

Civilisation,  a Deep Sense of Community, Connection & Support, Cohesion, Peace and Trust between People,

Generosity Of Spirit, Humanity.

Connection to Love, to People Through the Hearts and the Human Qualities of Compassion, Sharing and Caring for Each Other, Kindness, Appreciaton, Empathy, Gratitude, Joy, Laughter.

Inspiration, Creativity, Inventiveness, Curiosity,

We Need:

To Love

To Love and Protect the Enviroment, Mature Trees, Animals, Birds, the Oceans

The Restoration of Nature and the More Than Human World

To Encourage the Next Generation to Trust Their Heart-Song

A Sense of Service, of Creative Partnership.

To Risk Dangerous Conversations.

To Offer Our Wisdom, Experience, Love and Support and To Care for Each Other.

Practice Reciprocity, Appreciation and Gratitude.

Prayer and Silent Witness to the Changing World.

A Capacity for Contentedness in the Midst of Change.

Honouring and Respect for Our Ancestors and Wider Family.

To Care about Celebration, Ritual, Singing, Sharing and a Sense of Belonging.

Connection with the Sacred and with the Wheel of the Year.

To Know that we Each have Gifts and Rescources,

To be Good Companions, Who Inspire and Challenge Each Other towards Creative Ideas

To Believe that We Can Make a difference.

To be Practical and Deside what is Feasible

True Resilience,  a Dynamic Response from a Place of Deep Listening

To Care for the Soul







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The Edge Of Things

Fairy quality on the edge of the known
very very light
airy no things

Claim your space
space is no thing

We have to make space for this
no thing place
the magic rim
where worlds meet

Like the place of change
where working surfaces meet

The hand on the wood
the wood on the bowl
and the magical sound
that comes
and transforms the
unseen senses that receive it

The knowledge that was sound
and then silence
transformed into actions
which manifest something
more than the knowledge

Which carry it on and on
and on through different forms
continually creating

Seed forms
continually forming

Women coming together in
service of the whole.

Claim your space

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Deep Listening

To listen:
The way skin listens as it prickles and tingles when it hears Truth.
Listen as your feet listen with their ears pressed so close to the ground.
Listen as your bones listen, hearing the wisdom of the Ancestors,
Forgetting nothing.
Listen as the womb listens to a new soul asking for a home.
Listen as your heart listens to Angel Song
Listen as each cell opens great satellite ears to the Universe.
Hear the New, clamouring all around,
Just there inbetween this space of silence.

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Comment On A Recent Gathering

Yesterday the impact of Sunday’s Women’s Gathering really hit me in as much as I realised
the actuality of people marchingfor the earth all over the world and representing
the indigenous voice while we met & held the clear ‘sun space’ as a portal,
and it seems that with what happened in the group and the images that arrived
the moment was about the love of mankind,the higher self if you want,
and the energies of the earth flowing together, a possibility for something to be lived.
It seems to me that the earth energy is ready & offering to participate
so we need work consciously with her .
The green colour of Absolute Truth held in the palm of the hand where the heart resonates
and is connected to maps of the world in the other hand by the enormously powerful Nature Spirit.
Can’t really put in to words what I glimpsed & felt but nevertheless share the feeling here.
What a wonderful day, thank you everybody

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Cupped Hands

Making a place where I belong,
I cup my hands together to make a vessel for the sacred water
which is needed for life, life of the body,
that makes the skin glow and the blood run and the
life of the plants that we grow for food.
There is a circle and the Ancestors appear first, with skeletal black eye sockets
but they are simply there waiting to see how we will take care of our moment,
knowing that much will depend on what we find ourselves able to do.
There are smooth round grey rocks within the circle, no fire this time.
Instead there is a pile, like a collection of leather bottles, filled with healing waters made
potent with medicinal herbs and fruits.
These have been brought to the circle as if in preparation for a bonfire to offer to the Divine Mother to bless,
so that she will guide our hands and give life to the Earth.
For what reparation must we make for the piles of toxic waste, the poisoning of waterways, the devastation,
the abandoning of awe and wonder of sea and sky and the nurturing of our hands?
So we gather there in a circle, in the presence of the Ancestors, who also wait in the dark,
and we cup our hands together humbly in a kind of prayer
This is all that we have now to bring back our light to see our path back to joy and freedom.

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Catching Light

I saw the lorry catch light as it hurried along the tops.

Piled bales of straw, that on one side

the wind quickened and set each stem blazing.

Some broke free and flew behind in a rush of fiery gold.

And then I saw the time has come for the sun to manifest its orgiastic gold in the air,

In the valley, in each and every blackened heart

Until we to rush from ourselves to blaze

a blinding trail through out the world.

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