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Sacred Presence by Thomas Berry


‘The Earth with its layers of land and water and air provides the space within which
all living things are nurtured and the context within which humans attain their identity.
If in the excitement of a secular technology reverence for the Earth has diminished in the past,
especially in the western world, humans now experience a sudden shock at the devastation
they have wrought on their own habitation.
The ancient human-Earth relationship must be recovered in a new context,
in its mystical as well as in its physical functioning.
There is need for awareness that the mountains and rivers and all living things,
the sky and its sun and moon and clouds all constitute a healing,
sustaining sacred presence for humans which they need as much for their
psychic integrity as for their physical nourishment.
This presence whether experienced as Allah, as Atman, as Sunyata,
or as the Buddha-nature or as Bodhisattva;
whether as Tao or as the One or as the Divine Feminine,
is the atmosphere in which humans breathe deepest and without which they eventually suffocate’.

Thomas Berry

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The Job Of Women

This is part of the story of a Uru-Eu-Way-Way Shaman who was sent by his tribe from the
Brazilian rainforest to the USA to learn about Western ways:

He’d been in the US six months when he called his sponsor in a panic:
“Where are your women?” he cried.
“What do you mean, where are our women?”
“Where are your women? What are they doing?”
“They are busy working, being teachers and doctors and bus drivers… and wives and mothers.
Why do you ask?”
The Shaman said: “In our tribe the men and women still dwell on the two different sides of the river of life
and have very diffferent roles.
The men hunt and fish, they cut down trees for building canoes and huts.
The women gather wild edibles, cook and take care of the children.
Men and women equally take part in tribal council.
But there’s one  job only the women can do, and it’s the most important job in the tribe.
In fact the survival of the tribe depends on the women fulfilling this one task.”
“What task is that?”
“It’s man’s nature to hunt until there’s no more game left, to fish until there are no more fish in the rivers,
to cut down trees until there are no more trees to cut.
It’s woman’s nature to know the needs of the whole village and the needs of the Earth.
It’s the women’s job to tell the men when to stop.
Why are your women not telling the men to stop?”

Transcribed from the foreword to Cate Montana’s book: ‘Unearthing Venus’. pub 2013  


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Communicating With Animals: Anna Breytenbach


For those of you wanting to learn the technique for connecting telepathically with the animals,
below is a suggested guide to start you off. You can follow these steps whether you are in
the presence of the animal or not.

Suggested technique for communicating with animals:

1. Close your eyes and relax your body from head to toe
2. Set a silent, strong intention in your mind for clarity in your intuition
3. Imagine your heart centre opening
4. Visualise connecting via an energetic channel, heart to heart, with the animal
5. Call their name in the location that they are and send a silent greeting
6. Continue with the communication, asking questions if you wish to

Remember to be open to whatever comes. You may receive information in mental images,
silent words that appear in your awareness, emotional feelings or physical sensations.
Simply be open and patient, allowing sufficient time between your questions to perceive
any subtle answers your intuition may be receiving.

If you want to practice with communications that you can have validated afterwards for “accuracy”,
do so with domestic animals you don’t personally know.
This allows you to ask questions which the human caregivers will know the real answers to,
and that you can check afterwards.  For documentary film about the work of  Anna Breytenbach

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The Plant World: Aboriginal Cosmology

‘In Aboriginal cosmology, the plant world does not descend directly from the Ancestors in the same way humans and animals do.
Plants emerged later, from the potencies deposited during the formation of the earth.
All human and animal species that ever have existed, or ever will exist, on earth have a continuous existence in the Dreaming.
They manifest if their particular plant or other foods are put forth by the nourishing earth mother.
The same view of creation is found in the ancient Indian Vedas:  “A species will come into being only if its food exists.
If the earth provides not its food, the species will exist but remain unmanifest.”
In summary, humans and animals preexist in the Dreamtime as pure animistic energy and emerge simultaneously,
while plants exist first as potencies in the earth during its formation, deposited by these animating forces,
that physically manifest later after the completion of the Dreamtime.
This ancient concept of the relationship between the three kingdoms affords a completely different view of nature
and its recent crisis of species extinction, which is at present occurring at 400 times the natural rate.
The plants of the earth are like Aboriginal message sticks:they call forth from the Dreaming various animal and human species.
These species exist permanently in the Dreaming, but they manifest and disappear in specific combinations during particular
eras as the earth’s plants come forth to call them into existence.’

Voices Of The First Day  Robert Lawlor

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Matrix Of Becoming

I have meditated on the Nothingness for many years,

And I have come to the conclusion that the Nothingness does not exist.

It is the Matrix
The eternal fullness,
The Goddess of becoming.

Irena Tweedie

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Reaching Out Making Connections

“The earth is a seed planting itself over and over. We are not the gardeners.

We are no benevolent being leaving the house every morning with a watering can and a trowel to dig up weeds,

Wiping our brows midday to marvel at our handiwork. Instead, we are within the seed itself.

We are part of its cells and the hardness of its coat,

Our place not to marvel at the futility and smallness of ourselves but to keep life moving.

What we do now, from the inside, determines the vigor of that seed,

How long it might live and plant itself again.”

Craig Childs, “Apocalyptic Planet: Field Guide to the Future of the Earth.”

As seen on Spiritual Ecology

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Nothing resembles God so much as Silence

Meister Eckhart

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He is bewitched forever who has seen –

not with his eyes but with his vision

– Spring.-

From: The Land by Victoria Sackville-West

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Electric Lace-Net-Work Of Perception

‘Perception operates in nerve networks like a feature of a self-organising biological system.
Incoming information falls on the mind like rainfall on a virgin landscape,
organizing itself into streams and rivulets of temporarily stable patterns.
These patterns subsequently flow into new sequences  and patterns.
The perceptual mode of thinking encourages the mind to form multiple-branching flow patterns:
the sensory information is not moulded by fixed linguistic, generalities and logic.
Perceptual thought patterns follow the natural behaviour of neural networks;
our present mode only recapitulates words and concepts provided by a pre-established cultural framework.’

Extract from: Voices Of The First Day by Robert Laylor

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Wheel Of Flowers


 Dogs Mercury




Red Clover



Scarlet Pimpernel

Forget me not


Corn cockle

Corn marigold




Herb Robert

‘Examination of indigenous peoples all over the world has revealed
their extraordinary and inexhaustible knowledge of plant and
animal characteristics, habits and behaviour.
They also display a phenomenal ability to recognize and name any plant
or plant from a slight fragment of leaf, fur, track, dropping,
piece of egg shell or sliver of wood.
Their passionate attention to the living environment results in a dense,
rich vocabulary, with distinct terms for every variety as well as for
every anatomical part of each variety.
Some indigenous languages have 40 or 50 terms signifying the different shape of leaves.
Also common are a vast number of terms for describing graduations,
such as specific names for the sun at each hour of the day.

Categories derive not from a singular characteristics
but from a multitude of characteristics. ..
Classifications are fluid and everything shares a multiplicity of relationships
with everything else in the world through an expansive,
poetic field of analogy.’

Extract taken from: Voices Of The First Day by Robert Laylor

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