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Ice Age Art: The Female Gaze, Exhibition At The British Museum Until May 2013

Some wonderful figures and paintings  expressing the deep mystery of the feminine, both contemporary and from our ancestors of 20,000 years ago. Sadly most of the commentary is very disappointing.

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The Divine Mother Drum

The Drum

The bold messenger from the Deep
The insistent call
Brought through in the Animal form

January 27th 2013 in the Abbey Grounds

The image from our group yesterday came to me whilst walking
The circle of women sitting pulling the skin, fingers curled around the edge of the wooden frame, such a tension and intent, such power and love coming from the hearts of the women, pouring down our arms and into our hands and fingers,

Creating The Divine Mother Drum

Then the image of the Women lifting the Drum and turning it on its edge to be held in its vastness up for the Divine Mother, to be sounded by Her, to ring out over the Land…..

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In The Dark Places Of Wisdom By Peter Kingsley

in the dark places of wisdom

In The Dark Places Of Wisdom  by Peter Kingsley

A set of ancient inscriptions on marble found forty years ago in southern Italy, recording details so bewildering that scholars have kept silent about them … Sensational new information about a group of ancient philosophers who were so intensely practical that, two and a half thousand years ago, they shaped our existence and the world we live in …

These are just two ingredients of this extraordinary book, which uncovers an astonishing reality right at the origins of the Western world. Written by one of the most highly-acclaimed contemporary historians and experts in the field, it provides dramatic new evidence about the most important of ancient philosophers, Parmenides—and revolutionizes our understanding of the history of religion, of the origins of philosophy, and of Western culture as a whole.

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Darkness Is Her Hiding Place,

Darkness is Her hiding placepoint of light,
A dazzling obscurity,
A secret silence.
Veiled She is wide-awake in the heart of sleep.
Liminal, living on the very boundary of perception,
Incubating time and a future that is winking at us.
Beckoning the soul to embrace
The exhilaration of life in Play.
Reach out with your bewildered heart
And touch the lip, mouth and belly of Eternity
The Eternal present
The cataclysmic ordinary
The unknown Now

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Cry Of The Earth, Cry Of The Womb

My beautiful wombearth womb
My beautiful earth-womb
I am crying for you..
So much suffering..
All wounds of man and woman
Are inside me..
Wounds of Christ inside man and woman
Where is my power
Where is the right touch,
The pure love that can touch a womb?
Two rivers flow inside me
One is full of light..
The other threatening to dry..
For it holds all the pains in the world,
The betrayal, the abandonment,
The separation, the denial, the judgement.
Deep painful history
My heart opens to men
Who don’t know how to touch
The Sacred Womb.
Sacred Womb with all the Power,
The Shakti to give to men
But needs the healing, the love
That is unconditional!
floweringSo many years, decades, centuries Waiting…
For the perfect relationship in My Body.
My womb is love and power
Which can transform lives
Where are you Beloved?
Why men do not want to feel
The Black River?
Earth is crying
Women are crying
Their black rivers are a desert
Full of unexpected oasis.
Where are you my Beloved
I am so tired and grieved
And long to be whole.
Beautiful Womb of the Earth
My black river is my seed ..i give it to you.
Beloved, are you longing too?
To be with the sacred womb
Earth is waiting for you for so long…
Don’t keep Her waiting
For she could die at any moment.
Tears and contractions wont bring her back.
She only wants you Dearest God
King of all and The Most Blessed.

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The Pain The Silence

And the pain of it.falls
The deep deep pain.
And the pain of it and the silence.
The deep deep silence.
And the rivers of it – the pain –
Flowing through the bloodlines,
The thought frames.
The heart of all there is.
Making spots, clots of density
Of not feeling free.
And the silence.
The deep deep depth of it.
The rivers flowing of it
through the lands
The earth planes
Spreading out in all directions –
Running free.
Running free.
This is the silence that speaks.
Holds conversations.
Knows the whole of it.
The particle,
The measure..
She waits.unknown she
Always waiting –
Singing lullabies of silent awareness.
Of knowing knowledge profound –
Of the mundane
The hidden.
The particle.
She is the whole,
That holds everything.
She is the boundless.
The unspeakable.
She is the ocean free of thoughts
So deep, and endless, is She

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A Cave Deep In The Earth

In the active imagination during an Anima Mundi Seminareflame in 2012 we entered a cave deep within the Earth. Here we encountered a woman who remembers all the original and ‘true’ names for everything in creation. She was a very familiar presence I have always known her as  ‘She Who Remembers’.
There were images on the cave of the wall and one grabbed my full and total attention.  It stirred a deep, memory, it was  so familiar. Initially puzzled, I couldn’t understand what it was I was seeing, so I put out my right hand to explore its contours and texture. Then I heard Ulrike say that there was a fire in the centre of the cave and  turned around expecting to see a fire blazing away on the cave floor. Instead all these women had arrived. The first I recognised was an old wise woman followed by  many others, women both known and unknown, many living in America and many with connections to the First Nation peoples.
I knew that this ‘fire’ was a different consciousness and alive within them. In the sense that the initial consciousness given to humanity(or stolen from the gods as in some mythologies) was rather like a camp fire or a fire in the hearth, the fire of industry, whereas this consciousness is  totally embodied, in every cell. It is the fire of love, a passion for creation and the Creator and linked with how women are able to bare children.
Then my attention returned again to the cave wall and this time I reached out with my left hand, and a memory long held in the cells of the body  reawakened: of a woman long ago, having gone into this cave to give birth, as an animal to its nest and as the baby was born a consciousness  also birthed within her. She became full  of  awe and wonder. She, as humanity, was flooded with the realization that all things are born of the Earth and that the Earth is our Mother.
She touched the babies head and with the mucus and blood  made an impression of her left hand on the cave wall and then she took the child’s hand and made a print of its tiny fist inside the mark of her own palm and this act was accomplished with such a reverence and acknowledgement of  sacred mystery. She had woken up to an awareness that to give birth is to participate in the sacred mystery of creation, a participation mystique.
Looking again at this mark on the cave wall, I could now see that it was indeed hand prints and also that it was at one and the same time a ‘Star Map’ relating to this time, which I do not yet comprehend.

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Devi Prayer- Hymn To The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is everywhere.
She is in everything.
She is the Divine Essence that lives within all beings.
Her domain is the field of life, for she gives
to all beings the sustenance that is needed for life.
Her beauty lives in the natural world,
and spans the universes in all their splendor.
She has been called by many names,
for all traditions recognize Her.
Into each consciousness the knowledge is given
of the sacredness of life.
This sacredness IS the Mother.
She is the holy generator of the physical world,
joined to the heart and soul of every living thing.
All of the Earth is one with Her.
All beings of the Earth owe their life to Her,
for she is the Mother of all, the One who bestows
all gifts of life.
Her gifts come to the deserving and to the
non-deserving alike, for the sun does not choose
upon whom to shine.
She is the source of Divine blessing, the part
of the Oneness that bestows the graces that fill life.
We have not seen Her because her being is
cloaked in silence.
She emerges now as part of the Oneness where
she has always resided, blessing all, giving to all.
All who bow before Her are sustained by the life
within them.
All who honor Her are sustained by life’s gifts
both within themselves and beyond.
The purpose of existence is to join with Life that lives
in all dimensions and all realms of being.
It is the Mother that creates this evolving,
this unfolding journey,
for she is the fabric of Time itself,
the means by which all things grow.
She is the template for life that exists within Her —
the substance and form of all that shall ever come to be.
May all be blessed by the blessings of the
Divine Oneness.

English text by Julie Redstone:

Music – “Devi Prayer” from the album “Sacred Names of Mother Divine” by Craig Pruess and Ananda. Heaven on Earth –

YouTube Link

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The Return of the Sacred Feminine

Inspirational video on Youtube dedicated to the re-emergence of the divine feminine through the art of Sandy Wolk.
More of her art can be viewed at Earthsong Sculpture

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Hilary Hart: Women’s Work

Women’s Work: A conversation with Hilary Hart from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo.

Hilary Hart also mentions her new book Body of Wisdom which will be published in Spring 2013:

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