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Sitting With Awareness

divine child

Sitting in that
Awareness of a constricted space –
The wings of true aspiration came
With the light of spaciousness,
And entered the need
To consciously expand into that knowing.

And the door closed upon the known world
Of beauties glorious bounty.
And the room.
The space.
The infinite whiteness –
Lightness of my aspiration,
Became itself.

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Between in-breath and out-breathgolden spiral
In that silence
The heart beat becomes evident
And light spirals in,
Swirling galaxies around
A dark centre.
Between breath and heart beat
Being alive becomes light.
Nothing arises

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Walk In Silence

Walk in silence while the crowd chatters.
While dark and light fuse themselves
To a heart open to receive.
Walk in silence while the force of stopping gathers foes.
While channels of a new day
Send rays to those who catch the beams
Of it’s glistening whispers.
Walk in silence while thoughts fly all around.
While forgetfulness throws webs of fears
And worries into the night and day.
Walk in silence while these swirling dances,
Dance promise and decay.

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Coming Back From Above

Coming back from above, coming back from below, to the centre,
To emptiness, to what we know:
Still, unmoving space of emptiness, body sphere, earth at its centre, Its core,
Embodying stillness and silence
At the pinnacle, exact moments’ fulfilment.

How strange to reach for materials now, to do anything other than Be…
Because in this space is the Kun, the doing, the done.
It always happened this way, couldn’t be any other, simply was: Done.
Thy will is done.

And these threads are threads of light, connective filaments, radiant,
And radiating, the becoming becomes.
Without anything between knowing and living, the experienced and The real,
Fundamentally whole, direct transmission:
We know, and it’s done.

My belly an earth, a globe, a cosmos,
My arms an encircling star belt, my hands its clasp:
Opalescent oneness, emptiness, orgasmic entering of conscious awareness,
Becoming, becoming, become.

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I sit among the granite-bellied crags, six outcrops that mark the circle, and ask – inside the rock what noise? All night I’ve pressed my ear to the cold surface until it seemed to return my body-heat. But soon all was dissolved in the massive silence of the rock. Such silence crushes the head, macerates the tongue. A great press of silence and I Iike a small, green grape yielding my juice, bones mashed like pips. Rock and its irrefutable silence, silence so embodied that the mind is lost. And inside – white light, diamonds, and the yet-to-be-imagined, all secreted within the great, black rock.
Rock like the silences in music listens. Its root drives deep and feels the drum skin of the earth vibrate. Listen – how the silent rock quivers as the light within surfaces from darkness. Hours pass, still the rock listens and I throw myself on its brutal shoulder like the women who flail their washing on stones at the river. This is presence to which the human cannot but bow. Listen to the silent rock, listen as it listens, enduring weather, the passing of forests, campfires, cities. These rocks are the marks of a God we no longer recognise, the listening posts, the enduring bones of our land.

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What Brings In The Sense Of The Whole Is Silence

What brings in the sense of the whole is silence.
lsound of longingistening   acceptance  –
       listening to the sounds at this moment -the hands making marks on paper from the one mind and the one heart  in this one room  in this one house with all its beautiful multiplicity of beauty  and these aspects of the one woman
  the one mother     the one
           this sweet sound of the whole

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