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Women Working With Oneness: Turning Our Attention to Embrace All of Life

Women Working with Oneness: A Forum for Women in Service to Life,was held in San Rafael, California, in Fall 2004. It drew together women from different spiritual, professional, cultural, and ethnic communities. The second gathering in early Spring 2005, allowed for more intimacy because of its smaller venue. The third event brings together Blackfoot, Sufi, and Buddhist women. In all events, it was demonstrated that when women come together from different communities for the sake of the world, the pure current of love and oneness is given. This way of women working together is so new that we barely dare to believe that it is real, and that it can have an effect on the suffering that exists in the tumult of our time.

‘O women, there is a way that we can help life so much now. It is not as you expect. It is not about your doing, although we each need to do the work we are here to do. This is about being – a state of being that is your power, and many of us have forgotten that we even have it. Your forgetting can bring despair. Please, sit a moment. Breathe. Allow. Your soul is a power, an empty space within that connects you to all life. We need only find and recognize this vibrant, healing stream that flows through us from head to toe; it is our recognition that allows it to flow out into life.

When we come together without judgment, creating a sacred space for this place in each of us, love pours through our differences and creates new pathways between us. It is the Real coming into life. We are the vehicles for this awakening because it takes place in our own lives. This is a beauty that has nothing to do with our problems. It just is. And within it are the qualities of peace, healing, and nourishment for life’

Imagine columns of light that reach from the earth to heaven. That is who we are. We need only come together from our different communities, and in the space between our differences, oneness can nourish the earth and bring the energy of real change into life.

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A New Phase

The women’s gatherings  seem to have entered a new phase, energetically the ‘work’ has becoming more subtle, like following ‘a footprint on the sea’, largely concerned with that liminal, threshold place, where everything comes into being and dissolves back again. Often we experience this as a place of tension, polarity and paradox, where there is both form and emptiness; action and inaction, words and silence with all the conflicting polarities and pulls, that is so much part of our individual life and the life of the whole.
As human beings we can compass so many levels of being: in the witnessing and holding the spark and prayer of remembrance, our awareness can move from the Divine, to the Angelic plane, touch the light of the Great Ones who keep watch on and for the world.  In witnessing the light of our own soul and higher self we  experience the spark in our own the heart as a spark within the heart and soul of the world.

We can reach this depth , touch the deepest places within creation and all these and many more levels of existence can be accessed in a moment, in any moment! It is so salutatory to be shown and experience this and to come to see what a narrow spectrum and narrow span we tend to identify with or experience most of the time. How we limit the True mystery of existence, of the ever unfolding present, the vast horizon of Oneness, in order to remain in a familiar habitual constricted sense of a separated, isolated and lonely self; when in reality we can be ‘the Weavers’, with an innate capacity to weave the threads of His Divine remembrance back into creation. If we choose to take hold of these threads of connection and remain open we can see where they need to be woven into the life that is gifted to us each day, to help in bringing all the worlds and planes of existence back into connection, back into our everyday conscious awareness and ourselves back into right relationship.

All of this possible within a single human heart that acknowledges the Creator within His creation!
We have been shown how by holding this conscious awareness and connection we can help mend the holes in the very fabric of creation and thereby know when and when not to act and what form any action or inaction should take. It is really very simple what is being asked of us at this time, and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t need a plan or require special materials or money or to be living in a particular place or to have the right looks or job or colour skin to implement, each of us can live this way now .

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Reflections On Our time Together

The abiding sense of this time together, is of all life standing at a Threshold; the Earth, humanity, as much as for each of us individually. This Threshold being an implacable place of death and birth and stillbirth, where potential is realized or not.  A place of challenge and danger.  The threshold of all transitions from one stage of existence to another. To fully recognize this place, is to stand at that liminal place between the worlds. It is the place of choice, of stepping willingly or not into the unknown. Of facing our fears, maybe of letting go of some outworn conditioning and attitudes in order to claim our true name and  don our true cloak of authority, say yes! to living who we really. Our light becoming a spark united with others to illuminate the road ahead. Living our soul’s essence in service to life. Being ourselves in relationship to the whole, dissolving as a drop in the ocean. When we open up to welcome the Cosmic Child with Stars in its Eyes.
Our circle became the threshold particularly when we invited in the masculine, the men; our fathers, our sons, our ancestors.  All the expressions, from rage to forgiveness, finding a place of inclusion and acknowledgement within the space gives a taste of wholeness, of holiness, of the sacred.

So much richness in all that was spoken over the two days I only wish it were possible to capture  in words or that I had the capacity to remember and recount verbatim…..

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New Instructions For Living

divine feminineTo live with Utter simplicity.

To breathe with the Earth.

To open your heart and bind everything together (in the way that you would plat hair)

And as women: To be magnificent and unafraid!

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Ancient Of Days

An Ancient Being, a Being so ancient from the beginning of days.
At first inert, dormant as if held in stone.
This Being drew breath, as an infant just born.
I felt the fire of new life entering in
And then settle down into a natural continuous rhythm.
This Ancient woke up in me.
Woke up sacred remembrance

I watched as he looked around our circle
‘So few !’ I heard him sigh

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Illarion Merculieff: The Natural Way

Illarion /Larry Merculieff an Aluet Elder talks about his traditional upbringing on St Paul Island in the Bearing Sea and the important work that women need to do at this time with out which nothing new can be born at this time.

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Seeds Of Light From Earth Song

Seeds Of Light From Earth Song is a compilation of words and images from the first four years of  Women’s Gatherings in the  UK and can be found at this link in a book format
Seeds of light – from earth song’

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Women Moving The Edge

Women Moving The Edge a collective, integral practice to move the edge of consciousness

Women Moving the Edge gatherings give women the chance to remember and practice their innate connection with Soul, matter/body/Earth and wisdom, and it supports them to bring this more into manifestation in their work and life. In return, the collective consciousness is nurtured by more diversity and new perspectives.


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